ARC21 Big Read: Higher Expectations

To celebrate our fourth year of the Academic Resources Conference, IDA has decided to promote a year-long ARC Big Read. Our first ever book is Higher Expectations by Derek Bok. Higher Expectations joins a series of Bok's works that focus on the goals, realities, and future of higher education. His earlier books include:

  • Our Underachieving colleges (2005)
  • Universities in the Marketplace (2003)
  • The Shape of the River (1998)
  • Universities and the Future of America (1990)
  • Higher Learning (1986)
  • Beyond the Ivory Tower (1982)

As our ARC Big Read selection, Higher Expectations will help to guide our ARC 2021 topic choices, and in August we will have some capstone conversations about the book. Participate in the ARC Big Read by:

  • Accessing the digital version free through WSU University Libraries, or, if you prefer or require a paper copy, send a request to IDA. Free paper copies are provided by the Media Resources Center for those who cannot comfortably read digital print or who otherwise require the book in paper.
  • Looking for the "ARC21 Big Read" designation for ARC sessions in January, May, and August, and reading the associated book chapter(s) before attending.
  • Participating in the ARC21 Big Read capstone events in August.