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Whitepapers Offer In-Depth Dives

Are you looking to get up-to-speed on a higher education topic of interest? Whitepapers are often the way to go. Although frequently written by vendors, whitepapers offer very good research and analysis on topics ranging from accessibility to retention and everything in between. Did you recently get access to an interesting higher education whitepaper? Send us the link or file and we will include it here.


Equity and Inclusion

Preparing Students for the Job Market



  • "Project Based Learning in Graduate Education," Kimberly LeChasseur and the Center for Project Based Learning, PBL Brief #4, July 2020.
    • This document gives a brief definition of PBL, gives examples of it in the context of graduate education, and provides a matrix of case studies in PBL at various institutions.
  • "Anti-Racist Discussion Pedagogy," Selfa Chew, Akil Houseton, Alisa Cooper, and funded by Payback (discussion platform), undated but promoted initially in March, 2021.
    • Very useful and practical advice including specific guidelines and general goals. 
  • "STEM Education in the Time of COVID," Jeff Seaman (Bay View Analytics), Elaine Allen (UCSF), Nate Ralph (Bay View Analytics), 2021.
    • This is a good review of what happened nationally during the "COVID retreat to online" in 2020.  The paper talks about the need for additional research into the effectiveness in online STEM education, and would be useful to anyone looking for topics in this area.
  • "The Student Engagement Exercise Handbook," Cengage, n.d.
    • This handbook is chockfull of useful tips to help with classroom engagement as well as for teaching politically controversial topics.



  • "Connecting the Dots and Data to Improve Student Success," Tom Green (Funded by Salesforce). 
    • This whitepaper provides a model for thinking about how to present data in the context of student experiences to help institutions gain insights into what causes student persistence behaviors.