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Many classes use Zoom to meet as a class or individually. Watch this video for an overview and introduction to Zoom.


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Zoom Overview

Zoom Overview

Zoom is a web-based video conferencing tool with both desktop and mobile apps. It allows users to meet online with or without video and has screen-sharing capabilities. Meeting sessions can be recorded and downloaded for later viewing or sharing. Here are a few things you must understand about Zoom before you begin:

  • If you do not already have the Zoom app on the machine you are using and you try to join a meeting, you will be prompted to either download the app or to run the program in a web browser (like Chrome or Firefox). It is fine to run the application from your browser if you prefer that to downloading the app.
  • If you choose to download the app, you can pick between the basic account (free) or the pro account (costs money). As a student, you do not need a pro account, and unless you are a student employee and need to have a pro account for your work at WSU, you are not eligible for a pro account through the University.  
  • With a Zoom basic account, you can host meetings of up to 40 minutes. If you need to meet longer than 40 minutes and your meeting has 3 or more people, you will need to schedule multiple meetings, and doing so is free.  If you happen to be hosting a meeting with just one other person, you can meet for an unlimited time with that person.
  • You can only host one meeting at a time with either a basic or pro account.
Dowloading Zoom

Downloading Zoom

On a Desktop or Laptop:

Step 1: Visit Wichita State's Zoom Download page,  and click the download button for "Zoom Client for Meetings," which is the desktop app.

Step 2: Zoom will detect both your machine platform and operating system and choose the correct download for you. Run the install file as you would for any other app installation. For most of us, it will appear as a box in our bottom ribbon; however your operating system may look different. Click the "up" arrow and select "Open."

Step 3: Once installed, you will need to select your information release duration and click "Accept."

Step 4: DO NOT enter your email and password in this window. You will need to click "Sign in with SSO" to be redirected to the proper sign-in window.

Step 5: The company domain should read "wichitastate" (without quote marks) if it's not already filled in.

Step 6: You can now login using your myWSU credentials: myWSUID@wichita.edu as your user name and your myWSU password as your password. Click "Login."

Step 7: You will be required to Duo authenticate.

Step 8: Zoom should automatically launch for you. If it does not, click the "Launch Zoom" button.

Step 9: Your Zoom window is now open, and you're ready to host or join your first Zoom meeting session.

On a Mobile Device: 

Step 1: For tablets and smartphones, go to the app store on your mobile device and search for Zoom.us.

Step 2: Download the app.

Step 3: Open the app and sign in using the SSO option, as you did for the desktop application.

Zoom Etiquette

Zoom Etiquette

There are some basic etiquette habits that will make your time in a Zoom class more comfortable for everyone:

  • Consider turning on your camera so the professor or other presenter has a sense of their audience. Remember, you are not watching a TV, and your professor will be looking to see if you look interested and engaged. If you are uncomfortable using your camera, consider using things like "Reactions" in your classes so your instructor knows you are paying attention.
  • Keep yourself muted unless you are talking on your mic. 
  • Be aware of what is behind you. If you choose not to use a Zoom background, try to position your camera so your background is not distracting to others.
  • If you do use a Zoom background, make sure it's not too bright or otherwise distracting to other people.
  • If you must eat, do so off camera.
  • Remember, you are in class (at a meeting, etc.). This Zoom call is happening for a reason, so please do not multitask.

Want to hear more tips from a student peer?  Check out this article on Zoom etiquette from student Matthew Ferguson.

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