Preparing for Assignments & Exams

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Familiarize yourself with the course design and tools to be used in Blackboard. Most instructors use similar tools in Blackboard. Read everything the instructor tells you about the tools and how they will be utilized in the course.

Read the entire course syllabus and every announcement or communication from your instructor. Note, however, that some instructors do not keep due dates in the syllabus, but may include them in calendars, assignments, announcements, etc. The syllabus will give you an overview of the courses and other pertinent information.

Identify the tools necessary to complete assignments and be able to complete assignments on time. Organize your assignments and course goals into a schedule. Set deadlines for yourself and stick to them.

Keep aware of your materials. Online courses have many different materials. Remember you are not watching or listening as you would in a traditional classroom. Take notes and be prepared for your assignments and exams.

Save your documents on a regular basis, and keep copies of your submitted assignments until you are comfortable that you will not need to resubmit them to your instructor.

General Online Exam Tips 

General Online Exam Tips:

  1. Make sure your browser is supported by our current version of Blackboard. You can see a list of supported browsers here.
  2. Ensure that your internet connection is stable. Wired connections are typically the safest.
  3. Login directly to Blackboard at instead of accessing Blackboard via myWSU. This will minimize the risk of getting timed-out of myWSU and subsequently kicked out of quizzes in Blackboard which if this occurs and the quiz is set to not allow you back in will require instructor intervention to reset your attempt.
  4. Do not begin an exam unless you are ready. Many instructors prevent re-entering a quiz, even if the time limit has not expired.
  5. Do not wait until the last minute to take the exam. Doing so may add to frustrations and panic should you encounter technical difficulties or disruptions.
  6. Consider taking the exam during normal WSU business hours when support staff are available or at a time you know your instructor will be available to assist should you need an attempt reset.
  7. Be sure and save each answer as you answer the question. Simply clicking on the answer does not create a record of your choice. If you get kicked out of the exam for time, etc. all of your unsaved answers will be lost. There is no way for the selection to be discovered on the server either. If saved, answers are recorded as part of the attempt regardless of whether the quiz is submitted.
  8. Do not use the browser back button or navigate outside of the quiz after beginning.