Resources and Links

AI Interest Group

As a part of the January ARC sessions, we invited people to complete a quick interest form to join an AI Interest group, and we have a small group that is just getting started as a Teams group and some information on Sharepoint. We will be starting to try to hold monthly conversations that will be promoted publicly after Spring Break.  :

Learning From Industry

NetApp, Mark III Systems and NVIDIA are offering a series of webinars about AI and Machine Learning to Wichita State faculty and staff. The first session happened last week, and the recording is now available. 

We’re doing a lot of learning and research in the MRC/OIR: in February I completed a certificate course (AI for Decision Making: Business Strategies and Applications) from the Wharton School, Carolyn let a book study of Robot Prooffor the ARC (Recorded session of "ARC Book Club: Robot Proof"), etc. 

Looking ahead

We have some big questions to answer about instruction. Here are a few we should be actively talking about:

  • How do we talk to our students about how to work with AI?
  • How is AI impacting the subject matter that we teach?
  • How do we responsibly teach with AI?
  • How do we create assignments that build student learning and make AI part of that process?
  • How do we teach our students what they’re going to need to know in their future when advances are changing the workplace so dramatically year after year?

Additional reading/viewing