Amazon Web Services Campus Invent

(September 27, 2022 | 8:15-4:45 | Woolsey Hall)

Join us to learn how Amazon Web Services (AWS) can help transform teaching, learning, and research at Wichita State. Together, we'll explore and demystify applications and tools delivered through the AWS cloud computing platform in an interactive classroom setting through conversation and hands-on labs. You’ll gain a better understanding of digital transformation through exploring opportunities to leverage AWS services (available free to educators) and access to ongoing guidance through AWS office hours. 

AWS Campus Invent is a free, one-day educational event that brings the experience of an AWS conference to Wichita State.

Spend the day with WSU peers and a team from AWS—comprised of higher education industry leaders and solutions architects—and learn about cloud computing while working backwards from your needs and priorities.

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Prepare for Campus Invent

There are a lot of available resources about AWS, big data, working with vendors, and digital transformation available from a variety of sources:

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning (LiL) is available to all faculty, staff, and students at Wichita State, and it provides some excellent resources for getting up to speed on AWS quickly.  (LiL Login Required -- find out how to activate your LinkedIn Learning License)

Academic Resources Conference

The Academic Resources Conference (ARC) is held the week before the start of every semester at Wichita State -- in August, January, and May -- and supplemented with additional events throughout the year. These recordings of past sessions may help to inform the discussion of AWS

Whitepapers and Other Links