Digital Transformation is about changing the way we work, letting systems and tools do the things they do well, and making room for more human connection in the process

A student workign with a robotic arm

What Is Digital Transformation?

"[Digital Transformation] touches everything we do and everything we want to do. It’s an interdisciplinary, applied-learning, job-creating, entrepreneurial and research workhorse. It’s a vehicle to diversify our state’s economy, makes education more accessible and contributes to the prosperity of the people and communities or our state.

"Wichita State’s Innovation Campus and our research in the emerging field of digital transformation were borne from our mission to be an economic driver for our state. As Kansas’ only urban public research university, we listen to the people and businesses of our community with an eye toward understanding their challenges and applying our innovation and research to the benefit of all Kansans."

-Wichita State President Rick Muma


Upcoming Events & Opportunities

Wichita State University is full of opportunities to engage, discover, and explore the transformation of both our fields of study and the instruction and experiences we provide.

Forward Together Ep. 1: Digital Transformation

President Muma used the inaugural episode of his Forward Together podcast to explore the idea of digital transformation and what it means for Wichita State and our community.


Transformation and Growth



The pandemic created an opportunity for dramatic learning and change in instruction. We learned things that will be part of our instructional toolkit from this point forward.  What else can we do to leverage new technologies and make more time in our days for meaningful connections with students?


Research & Big Data

The technologies shaping our world create opportunities for new knowledge in all fields of study. From the rapid growth of the digital humanities to the application of big data, or the development of machine learning algorithms for the sciences, the only limits are what we can imagine.

Four cells of a comic book explaining Vizling

Digital Humanities

The rapid development of new technologies and tools create opportunities to transform the way we research, create, and teach -- and that is as true in the humanities as it is anywhere else. The Vizling project is a great example of an innovative effort to blend technology and creative arts in a new way.