One of the hallmarks of a thriving research university is a robust ecosystem for high performance computing.  We are committed to providing resources for this technology.
Richard Muma, President

BeoShock High Performance Computing 

Wichita State University's new high-performance computing (HPC) cluster will help researchers, instructors and staff who have compute-intensive jobs to process. The new HPC cluster is named “BeoShock” after “Beowulf” cluster and Shockers.

Beowulf is a type of computing cluster. The new cluster has two large GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) and 720 CPU (Central Processing Unit) “cores.” As a comparison, most end-user computing devices have one CPU having between one and eight total “cores.”

The cluster is available to all WSU constituents, and those outside of WSU who are KBOR constituents. It is jointly administered between WSU, KanREN (Kansas Research and Education Network), and by K-State's  Institute for Computational Research.

Open Labs and Meetings

Open Labs via Zoom
  • Beocat has 15 years of success at Kansas State University and their experts’ administer BeoShock. Please join them for virtual open labs where you can ask questions.

    Beocat Events  
Training Session Videos
  • How to use BeoShock” provides a general overview of HPC resources on campus, followed by a tutorial on how to use BeoShock. Topics include basics of logging in, compiling/debugging programs, using the scheduler, and file management. We encourage viewers to participate as they watch the video.

    Training Session
HPC Advisory Board Meeting
  •  Current members of the HPC Advisory Board are listed here
  • Next Meeting: Nov. 18, 2021 at 11:30 am (Zoom and in person). Contact Terrance Figy for details.  

Learn More

Browse the links below to learn about getting started in high performance computing, what you can do with BeoShock, and much more!