BeoShock High Performance Computing 

Wichita State University's new high-performance computing (HPC) cluster will help researchers, instructors and staff who have compute-intensive jobs to process. The new HPC cluster is named “BeoShock” after “Beowulf” cluster and Shockers.

Beowulf is a type of computing cluster. The new cluster has two large GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and over 720 CPU (Central Processing Unit) “cores.” As a comparison, most end-user computing devices have one CPU having between one and eight total “cores.”

The cluster is available to all WSU constituents, and those outside of WSU who are KBOR constituents. It is jointly administered between WSU, KanREN (Kansas Research and Education Network), and Kansas State.


Early Success Stories

There are  users as of December 7, 2021 at 3:00 p.m.
User Group Number of Users
Faculty or Staff  39
Students  103

Wichita State University provides the High Performance Computing (HPC) system known as BeoShock free of charge for its faculty, staff and students. Since its inception the HPC Team has been gathering usage information and comparing them to what it would cost WSU users if they had to go out and use a third party provider such as Amazon. In the stats below, "Reserved" instances means the nodes are reserved exclusively for one’s use. "Spot" instances mean that if they currently have the capacity, they will run, but can be kicked off at any time if somebody wants that capacity for a reserved instance. Spot instances are not guaranteed.

BeoShock Utilization



BeoShock Usage since Jan 1.