"We are able to develop parallel codes (in CUDA and OpenMP) for performance evaluation, etc."

"I'm able to put BeoShock in the facilities documents of grant proposals, which assures reviewers that I have the resources necessary to carry out the proposed research.  Students have been able to sign up to use BeoShock for class projects, and through it, they have had access to the software needed (a campus site license) to carry out the work.  The calculations for class projects are those that cannot be done on a desktop computer, so having high-performance computing has been necessary to carry out those projects. I'll add that students have enjoyed it, and having the campus resource that can be accessed from anywhere really increases the accessibility."

"Available for use in running the WRF model for a masters project and for GIS work as part of a Convergence project."

"I use BeoShock for both research and teaching OpenMP and CUDA programming."

"I needed to run my Machine Learning code on HPC since I didn't have a GPU. So, I used the GPU servers on it."

"I just started on a project that required BeoShock about 2 months ago. Our project calls for fast speed image comparison. Without BeoShock, this project would have been impossible to complete."

"BeoShock has enabled me to run larger, more complex COMSOL models than I would have been able to using a desktop PC. The OnDemand access has been especially nice in times of COVID because I've been able to utilize the power of BeoShock from my home. Thank you for all that your team does to keep it running so smoothly!"

"I have been able to run simulations without interruption. Before using BeoShock, I would remotely connect to different PC on campus, start running simulations and hoping for nobody to interrupt my work. With BeoShock, I don't have that issue anymore."

"We were able to train a CVN to identify vertices in neutrino interactions. We have presented these results to the NOvA Neutrino Experiment and were praised for finding local resources to complete the work."

"I have used for computations that would ordinarily take days on my computer to run. With BeoShock it runs fast and take minutes."

"I used to wait for 24 hours for each run to happen on my personal device. With the BeoShock I was able to start multiple session, and was able to replicate the simulation 530,000 time in 12 hours."