Hardware Capabilites

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2019 Estimates for Rough Order Magnitude (ROM)

If you are writing a grant use the above purchase hardware button to build your budget.  As always work with the Office of Research. Contributing to the growth of the HPC system will get you 3 years of priority access.

The quote will include a fraction all needed equipment, for example, chassis and rack costs on a single node request.
• General Use Compute Node - $12-15k
• GPU Node - $30k
• High Memory Node - $30k
• Virtual Machine Node - $12-15k
• Storage Node - $26k
• 10G Network switch (48 ports) - $20k
• Mellanox Infiniband switch (36 ports) - $18k
• Server Rack - $4k

Software Available on BeoShock

If you would like to request new software for HPC use the link below:

Request Software

Tip: Users of the HPC system should first email hpchelp@kanren.net.  You may also use the ITS ticket: HPC Help in order to contact the system adminstrators as well.  Our system administrators will know best what kind of software tools can be  installed the HPC system.  
Open Source code is the responsibility of the individual, it doesn’t require this form. The Software Request form is requesting system wide installations with purchased software.
Workloads may be terminated based upon administrative need (such as reboots, system failures, poorly processing code, etc.). 
Please Note: Data backups are the responsibility of the user.

Software Usage

Out of control or possibly malicious jobs on the HPC where Admins may be forced to end the job, could possibly impact the integrity of data through loss, is covered in the WSU's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

Acceptable Use Policy