Who is eligible for BeoShock?

All WSU constituents, and also those outside of WSU who are KBOR constituents.

How do I obtain an account on BeoShock?

  1. To request HPC User account go to New Users Access Request then press ‘New HPC Access’ button and fill in/select appropriate items. If you are a student, you should first speak with the head of the research group you belong to.  For instructors that want to use BeoShock HPC as part of their courses, you only need to make one request for an HPC account. We ask that you supply the class list in the form of a Excel Spreadsheet. This will be uploaded via TeamDynamics during the sign-up process. This way separate HPC users accounts can be created for each student without each student applying for an HPC account.

  2. Once the access is granted, you can use your myWSU credentials to logon to the cluster using a ssh from a terminal. Instuctions will be sent via email on how to connect to BeoShock.  Here is a video explaining how to logged into the HPC system [video]. If your off-campus, you'll need to use the VPN service [WSU VPN Guides].  HPC User Guides are HERE.

  3. You will automatically be enrolled in the listserv HPC-USERS-L@listserv.wichita.edu for current, ongoing HPC user information. Do not unsubscribe from this listserv because it will result in your HPC account being closed.   From time to time there is maintaince on the HPC system and this will be the primary mechanism to communicate to all HPC users. Click here to see previous List Server announcements to HPC users.

High Performance Computing Organization on Blackboard

You can enroll yourself in the High Performance Computing Organization by clicking “+Enroll” in the main menu. If you do not see that option, you may already be enrolled. If you have any questions about how to enroll, please send the to IDA@wichita.edu. NOTE: You must be logged in to Blackboard to Enroll. If you are not yet logged in, please go to blackboard.wichita.edu and login using your WSU credentials. Once you are logged in to Blackboard, these instructions will work for you. After enrolling in this organization, you will have access to all of the information about the BeoShock HPC.

enroll in hpc onBlackboard