Leave codes in the table below are only entered by staff in Payroll and/or Financial Operations -- this table is for reference only regarding codes which can appear on the department time report.

Also see Banner Time Entry Codes for those codes entered by department timekeepers.

ADE Administrative Leave - Exempt
ADG Graduate Adjustment Earnings
ADM Administrative Leave Non-Exempt
ADR Regular Adjustment Earnings
ADS Student Adjustment Earnings
BNS One Time Bonus Payment
BOL Bonus Legislature Authorized
BSO OT-Differential Pay 12/14/2007
CTK Comp time Payout (No KPERS)
DIS Disaster Leave Non-Exempt
DNE Donor Leave Exempt
DON Donor Leave Non-Exempt
DPA Deferred Pay Accrual
DPO Deferred Pay Out
DSE Disaster Leave Exempt
DST Daylight Savings Time
FAC Regular Earnings 9/10 Faculty
FBN Fringe Benefit Income
GTA Graduate Assistant Earnings
LCP Local Comp Payout
LEC Lecturer Pay
LNG Longevity Bonus Pay
LWB Leave w/Benefits w/o Pay
LWO Leave w/o Pay w/o Benefits
LWP Leave without Pay (Dock)
MVG Moving Expense Non-Taxable
NR4 Non-Res Alien TIC18 Teacher
NR5 Non-Res Alien TIC19 Student
ODP Overtime Differential Pay
PRB Personal Reimbursement
RTP Retro Pay Previous Fiscal Year
RTR Retro Pay Current Fiscal year
SAB Sabbatical Leave
SET Settlement Pay
SHE Shared leave Exempt
SHL Shared Leave Non-Exempt
SK3 Third Party Sick Pay CCU
SLG Student Local Graduate
SLK Sick Leave Payout Retire No KPERS
SLP Sick Leave Payout Retirement
SOT Longevity Overtime
VLK Vac Leave Payout Retire No KPERS
VLN Vacation Leave Payout - Term
VLP Vacation Payout Retirement
VLT Vacation Term Payout No KPERS
VPE Voting/Polls Exempt 
VPN Voting/Polls Non-Exempt
WCH Worker's Compensation Hours

Reviewed: 10/15/2020 MD