Wichita State University Police Department

Mission Statement
Our mission is to ensure our entire community receives quality law enforcement services in a fair and compassionate manner while enhancing the educational experience of our students by providing them with guidance and support.

Core Values

Professionalism. We will remain faithfully committed to providing the highest quality of law enforcement services while having a clear sense of commitment, perspective and direction.

Integrity. We are committed to performing our duties in an honorable manner while adhering to the “Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.”

Personal Responsibility. We expect to be held accountable for the decisions we make and the actions we take both professionally and personally.

Effective Collaboration. Recognizing that the university is part of a larger community; we will collaborate with all stakeholders to identify, prevent and solve problems of crime or the fear of crime.

Around-the-clock protection

The Wichita State University Police Department is a commissioned law enforcement agency and the 4th largest in Sedgwick County. The department is divided into two divisions, each headed by a Captain who reports to the Chief of Police.

Wichita State University is constantly focused on maintaining a safe, secure learning environment. The University Police Department is a round-the-clock presence on the WSU campus. In addition to patrols and traffic control, its officers provide additional services such as safety escorts and jump starts for dead car batteries.