Outdoor Emergency Phones

Outdoor emergency telephones are located across campus. Each phone can be easily identified by the blue light located on top of the poles, and each pole is marked "Emergency." All of these phones have a direct and immediate connection to the University Police Department. Calls are activated by pushing the button, which starts the strobe light. Once the dispatcher answers the phone, tell them what assistance you need. If there is no answer, or if you are unable to answer, an officer will be sent to the phone's location. The location of the call is noted and only the dispatcher can disconnect the phone. Calls coming from the emergency phones are treated as a top priority.

Emergency Numbers

For all emergencies, police, fire and medical, dial 9-1-1 from any campus telephone for immediate help. We request that you contact University Police even if you have already contacted other emergency responders. Unless other arrangements have been made, we would prefer the calls for emergency equipment come to University Police first. Outside agencies often do not know the location of campus buildings, and precious time may be wasted as they search for the correct building. We have direct radio communication capabilities with other Sedgwick County law enforcement agencies and fire departments, as well as Sedgwick County EMS, and we can direct them to the correct place. Also, WSU officers are trained in CPR, carry automatic defibrillators, and are trained in first aid. Officers can render assistance until medical help arrives.

For all other types of calls, dial 978-3450, or 3450 (TDD) from any campus telephone.