Investigations Section

University Police Detectives specialize in investigative work in support of the enforcement of laws, rules, and regulations at this regent institution. Detective work involves completing initial investigations done by University Police Officers and supervising investigative activities by working with information and evidence to build a case. They recognize, collect, process, and preserve physical evidence. They collect, analyze, and verify information from conversations with persons during investigative activity and assess the internal consistency and value of the information received. The Detectives coordinate investigations with Federal, State, and other local law enforcement agencies, and they make arrests. They interact with prosecutors in developing cases for presentation before the courts. Detectives appear before the courts to present testimony, evidence, and technical explanations.

Fingerprint Information

The University Police building no longer has sufficient space to provide fingerprint services to students and other community members.

Please utilize the following two locations to meet any fingerprinting needs:

Wichita/Sedgwick County Law Enforcement Training Center(Located on the Wichita State University Campus next to the Pizza Hut Museum, the Marcus Welcome Center and the Woodman Alumni Center.

4310 19th Street, Wichita, KS 67208

Call to schedule an appointment

Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office
3803 E. Harry (at the west end)