Safety Awareness

Here are some tips that will help you lessen your chances of becoming a victim of crime:

  • Have your attention and effort dedicated to your surroundings and walking. Turn off the cell phone and have your keys in hand
  • Don't present yourself as a target. Walk with confidence and purpose. Keep your head up and make quick eye contact with people around you. Assertive body language can help prevent an attack
  • Be especially aware of your surroundings during those times when you may be less alert - when you are upset or sick, or have been drinking
  • Learn the location of campus emergency phones on routes to and from campus destinations
  • Walk with a friend or a group of people, or call University Police (978-3450) for a safety escort if you feel uncomfortable walking alone
  • Watch for cars cutting diagonally across the parking lots
  • When backing out of parking stalls, be aware of waiting cars, other cars backing out of stalls, and motorists speeding in the lanes
  • Look around and at the back seat before entering your car
  • Make it a habit to lock the doors first when you enter your car
  • Keep your car in good mechanical condition and full of gas
  • Don't keep valuables in plain sight in your car - but don't place your valuables in the trunk after you park - you may being watched, and the thief now knows where to find your valuables
  • Keep your personal items in view while eating, meeting or studying on campus
  • Call University Police any time you see suspicious activity or a crime in progress
  • If you feel that something isn't right about a location or activity, get away and call University Police

If you remember nothing else, remember these three tips:

  1. Keep away from deserted places
  2. Stay alert to what is going on around you
  3. When something feels the slightest bit wrong, get out of there!