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As the PPMC is heading into a fresh fiscal year, we took a break to infuse our team with some good times and celebration, and to ignite our vibrant sense of purpose. We did this in part due to some staffing changes at the PPMC.

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May is a month filled with significant observances, promoting awareness and appreciation for a rich tapestry of cultures and the importance of mental health. If you’re looking to engage with these, here are a few resources for each:

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“Ends are not bad things, they just mean that something else is about to begin.” - C. JoyBell C. After over four years at the PPMC, my time as Team PPMC’s Strategic Communications Manager has come to an end.

juneeteenth, freedom day, 2023

Dive into the vibrant history of Juneteenth, a significant day for freedom and celebration.

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It’s June and that means Pride Month! If you want to learn more or engage with Pride Month, here a few resources and events that you might be interested in: