Counseling and Prevention Services offers a variety of opportunities for group interaction and education. Watch campus bulletin boards and The Sunflower for opportunities to participate. To make an outreach request, please complete the form below. If you have questions, contact Rachael Gladden, our Outreach Coordinator, at

We ask that you give us three weeks' notice to accommodate scheduling.

Workshop/Seminar/Training topics:

Counseling and Prevention Services offers trainings on a variety of topics, such as:

Stress Management
Time Management
Helping Troubled Students/How to help a friend
Conflict resolution
Communication Skills
Eating Disorders, Healthy Eating, Body Image

Harm Reduction with Alcohol Use
Effects of Drugs and Alcohol
Decision Making Skills
Team Building
Self Care
Sexual Assault
Dating Violence / Effective Supervision

Motivating Others or Self
Healthy Relationships and Boundaries
Grieving and Loss
Cultural Adjustment

#WSUWeSupportU Preventing Suicide Training

If you would like a presentation on a mental health subject not listed above, please let us know in the request form. 


Presentation/Table Request Form 

Thank you for your interest in #WSUWeSupportU Prevention outreach. Please fill out the survey below. If you wish to schedule multiple outreach opportunities, then please fill out a separate survey for each request. Please give at least two weeks notice to accommodate scheduling.

 CAPS Yearly Events

CAPS holds annual yearly events throughout the year. The date and times for these events may change each year. As these events are scheduled each year we will keep you updated!

  • Out of the Darkness Walk Campus Walk: This annual event is typically held each year during the month of April. Dates may change each year so please check the university calendar.
  • Suicide Prevention Training: CAPS provides three different suicide prevention trainings to WSU students, faculty, and staff. These trainings are also open to community members (at a small fee). The trainings are held several times a semester but dates and times change each semester. Please check out training dates/times by going to for more information about our three different trainings and the dates they are offered.

Counseling and Prevention Services