What are the maximum limits on all forms of Credit for Prior Learning (CPL)?

There is no overall cap on CPL. Students must meet all requirements for graduation which include: 45 hours of upper division credit; the last 24/30 or last 50/60 hours must be taken at WSU. These policies may add some defacto limits to CPL.

What requirements can CPL be used for?

General education, major requirements, minor requirements, certificate programs and elective credits. CPL can be used for undergraduate credit only.

What types of CPL are offered?

Credit for ACT/SAT scores, Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) national exams, CLEP national exams, DANTES DSST exams, military courses/training, departmental exams, departmental specific retroactive credit, life experience evaluation, and institutionally-evaluated training for credit.

What programs accept CPL?

Any of our UG programs as long as the course in which the credit has been given meets a requirement for that program.

Do policies differ from department to department?

Departments have varying policies as to any CPL (credit by exam, retroactive credit, etc.) that will be deemed equivalent to their courses. Once the equivalency is determined and posted to the student's record, it will be acceptable in any department/program in which that course meets a degree requirement.

Can CPL credits be transferred between department and programs within this institution?
YES, once the equivalency is determined and posted to the student's record, it will be acceptable in any department/program in which that course meets a degree requirement.

Does WSU accept CPL credit from other institutions?
CPL awarded by all accredited institutions of higher education is evaluated in the same manner as regularly graded coursework from these institutions. The credit awarded is adjusted to the CPL policies of Wichita State. Every attempt is made to ensure that credit for prior learning applies to both a student's degree program and university requirements for graduation. However, in no case may a transfer student receive more credit than the credit available to students at Wichita State. Starting July 1, 2017, Credit by Exam for AP and CLEP is accepted from the Kansas Regent's Universities.  Starting July 1, 2019, Credit by Exam for IB is accepted from the Kansas Regent's Universities.

If you are a transfer student from another Kansas Regent's University, AP or CLEP scores that you sent to them can be used by WSU from that school's transcript, starting July 1, 2019, it includes IB scores.  If you are a transfer student from a school that is not a Kansas Regent's University, please contact the test company and arrange for your score(s) to be sent to WSU for evaluation.

Must I be a WSU student to receive CPL credit?
Yes, you must be admitted and enrolled before credit will be posted to your WSU transcript.

How does CPL exam credit appear on a transcript?
Credit by Examination is designated by TCRE. CPL credit appears on the WSU transcript as transfer work and is specified as Credit by Exam, Retroactive Credit, etc. It is considered transfer work because it is credit for learning that did not occur through enrollment in a WSU course.

When do CPL credits appear on a transcript?
CPL credits appear on a student's transcript as soon as paperwork is received/validated and posted to the academic record by the Registrar's Office.

What are the costs and/or fees for CPL?
Some types of CPL awarded at WSU carry fees, others do not. There is no cost for posting of credit by exam awarded based on AP, CLEP, IB, ACT/SAT, GED or DANTES. Departmental credit by exam costs are set by the awarding department based on the cost to administer and evaluate the exam. Specific costs are detailed in the comprehensive fee schedule each academic year. In addition to the departmental fee, a proctoring fee is assessed by Testing Services; this fee is also specified in the fee schedule. See www.wichita.edu/tuition for details.