Withdrawing From Classes

Partial or complete withdrawals require the student to drop each course via the online system at mywsu.wichita.edu. Any refunds owed to you will be used to offset any financial obligations you may have at the university. If your financial aid paid all or part of your costs, all or a portion of any refund goes back to that financial aid source. The Office of the Registrar is the office designated to process withdrawals submitted via the online registration system.

Requests for late withdrawal after the withdrawal deadline (including after a term has ended) must be submitted via a petition for exception to the student's academic college. See www.wichita.edu/exceptions for the process/deadlines. The office of the Dean of each academic college is the office designated to process late withdrawals.

Refunds will be issued by the Accounts Receivable Office according to the policy on their website. Refunds will be directly deposited to the bank account you have specified or will be mailed to you by the Accounts Receivable Office. No one other than the Office of Financial Operations and Business Technology in 201 Jardine Hall or the Tuition Refund Board of Appeals is authorized to determine the amount of tuition refund a student will receive.

Students who, because of extenuating circumstances, seek a higher refund than is available by policy, must petition the Tuition Refund Board of Appeals. Petition forms are available at the Office of Financial Operations, 201 Jardine Hall or online. The petition must be filed with the appropriate documentation. A petition for tuition refund beyond the policy must be filed at the Office of Financial Operations within the semester the course was taken.