RSC Terms and Usage Agreement

University Event Services
Rental Space Guidelines

Your confirmation is an agreement for utilization of space at the Rhatigan Student Center and other locations on the Wichita State University campus reserved by the University Event Services Office.


If you need assistance contact:

• RSC Building Manager at 978-3028 or 312-1945 or,
• The Event Services Office at 978-3475
• WSU Police Department 978-3450
• WSU Dining 978-3477

Contact Person

The primary contact (Guest) will provide the Event Services Office with the name, address and phone number of the Guest’s representative if needed. This representative will be the sole person authorized to make changes to the reservation.

Rental Fees

Any room charges must be paid 2 weeks in advance. If no payment is made, the event will be cancelled.
Event Times

All reservations made through the University Event Services office include additional set up time before and after an event. Please note, that if additional time (over those set by Event Services) is needed there may be an added charge.

Event Times

All reservations made through the University Event Services office include additional set up time before and after an event. Please note, that if additional time (over those set by Event Services) is needed there may be an added charge.

Event Details/Set Ups

Set up notes for room reservations in the RSC, CAC Theater and Marcus Welcome Center must be provided to the Event Services staff 2 weeks in advance of your events. Receiving your set up notes in a timely manner will allow us the opportunity to coordinate our services in preparation for your event.

Cancellations/No Shows

Due to internal costs and inconvenience incurred by the Rhatigan Student Center and to ensure that the facilities are used properly and are available for users, guests who fail to cancel their reserved space and do not show up are subject to a warning letter.

Student organizations will have warning letters sent to Student Involvement and the organization’s advisor.

If this occurs more than 2 times in a semester the group will lose its privilege to use Rhatigan Student Center facilities for the remainder of the semester. Additionally, scheduled events that are not cancelled may incur a set-up fee.

The Rhatigan Student Center reserves the right to change and/or cancel a reservation or alter the use of other assigned space with the understanding that, at all times, every effort shall be made to provide comparable facilities.


Parking for events held at the RSC is available on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the parking garage located directly beside the RSC. Parking in the Parking Garage is $1.50 per hour. Additionally, parking lots can be reserved for large events that require additional space. Contact your Event Coordinator to request reserved parking.


In the event that damage to RSC property or equipment occurs by an RSC guest, its employees, agents, patrons or additional guests, the cost of repair and replacing the damaged property may be charged to the guest.

Physical Plant Tables

Outdoor tables that originate and are delivered by the WSU Physical Plant must be returned to the delivery location.

Cleaning fees

RSC guests are responsible for returning the space to its original condition when an event is completed. Any equipment or props belonging to the guest must be removed.

Audio/Visual Equipment - RSC

For your convenience, RSC meeting rooms are equipped with large screen televisions or projectors. All rooms are set up with A/V inputs.

Occasionally, cables are needed. The RSC Building Managers (978-3028) can provide you with either HDMI or VGA cables for your presentation.

Customers using microphones in the Beggs Ballroom should arrive a minimum of 30 minutes in advance to test microphones levels for their presentation.

Audio/visual equipment provided by the RSC should be left in the room and will be picked up by a Building Manager following your event.

Audio/Visual Equipment – Marcus Welcome Center

Events scheduled at the Marcus Welcome Center requiring audio visual equipment must contact the Media Resources Center at 978-3588 in advance.

Audio/Visual Equipment – Large Events and Classrooms

Events with complex audio/visual needs or those large events requiring additional assistance, in both the RSC and university classrooms, should contact Media Resources at 978-3588 no less than 1 week in advance for support. Your RSC Event Coordinator will be able to assist you.

Performance Facilities

Events held in the Campus Activities Center (CAC) Theater that necessitate stage lighting and sound may require the assistance of Performance Facilities. Your Event Coordinator will advise you if you need to contact Performance Facilities at 978-3587 for your event.


If your meeting involves a conference call, broadcast or internet access please email the the Telecommunications Office at

Catering/Dining Services

WSU Dining (Chartwells) is the on-campus provider of dining service needs. WSU Dining can be reached at 978-3477.

Beginning the fall of 2017, Wichita State University began a flexible catering policy that allows approved off-campus food providers to cater campus events in most buildings on campus with the exception of Shocker Hall and The Flats.

We now have a complete list of approved caterers. Off-campus caterers interested in the application process for becoming an approved caterer should fill out the approved caterer application.

NOTE: Customers choosing an off-campus caterer for their event must remove all food service containers and disposables items immediately following their event. Failure to clean up after the event will result in a service charge for cleaning.

For additional information contact your Event Coordinator 978-3475.

Secure Wireless Access

For a secure WIFI connection contact your Event Coordinator at 978-3475.
WSU can provide secured hard-wired internet connections by request.

Please notify your Event Coordinator a minimum of 3 weeks in advance if you need a secure connection for your event.

Alcohol Service

Requests for alcohol service must be approved by the WSU General Counsel prior to the date of the event. The service of alcohol without prior approval is prohibited.

Approval is obtained by completing the following 2-3 weeks in advance:
• Notify your Event Coordinator of your request
• Complete an Alcohol Request Form
• Off-campus guests must provide proof of liability insurance at time the request is submitted.
• Guests will receive written notification of approval from the WSU General Counsel.

List of approved caterers offering alcohol service

Donated Food Request:

On-campus groups wishing to serve donated food should refer to the Wichita State University Food Service Policy 20.16

Complete thr donated food request form. It can be returned to the Event Services office, room 234, RSC or emailed to

Recognized Student Organizations

Recognized Student Organizations are required to meet guidelines established by the Student Involvement Office.

Information Tables

The RSC provides table space on the first floor for use by guests. Reservations for table space are required and can be made either on-line or at the Event Services office.

Guests should check in at the Rhatigan Student Center Information Desk located on the first floor of the RSC.

Donation Boxes

The RSC can provide Donation boxes for fundraising efforts. The boxes area available for a 2 week period. Reservations can be made by contacting the Event Services Office. Users must provide identification for the outside of the boxes. The RSC is not responsible for items that have been lost or stolen.

Grace Memorial Chapel

This interfaith prayer space is open on a first come, first serve basis to anyone wishing to use it for private events.

The building is open Monday through Friday from 7 am to 10 pm and Saturday/Sunday by reservation.
It is the responsibility of the guest to set up the space as needed and return it to its condition. Food and beverages are prohibited. The RSC and Wichita State University will not assume responsibility for items left in the Chapel following events.

Lost/Stolen Items

The Rhatigan Student Center, and Wichita State University, is not responsible for items lost, stolen or damaged during an event held in our facilities.

Guests looking for a lost item in the RSC should check with the Information Desk located on the first floor.

Last Revised: 3/21/2018