These forms may be submitted to RSC Event Services via email, fax or in person. If you have questions or concerns please call (316) 978-3475

Fax: (316) 978-3054
Address: 1845 Fairmount Box 56
Wichita, KS 67260

Office: Rhatigan Student Center Room 234

  • Alcohol Request— This is an application to serve alcohol at your event on campus.

  • Certificate of Insurance — This document outlines why we request a certificate of insurance, and provides a sample of one.
  • Donated Food Request— This form is an application to serve food not provided by WSU Dining Services on campus for fundraisers, meetings, and events.

  • Police Officer Request — Submit this form to the University Police Department to request police officers at an event.

  • Approved Caterer Application — Submit this application to become a RSC approved caterer.
  • Sponsorship Agreement — Submit this form to provide WSU departmental sponsorship of a non-WSU group usage of facilities.


  • Rental Space Guidelines — Your confirmation is an agreement for utilization of space at the Rhatigan Student Center and other locations on the Wichita State University campus reserved by the RSC Event Services Office.

  • RSC Catering Guidelines — Learn about the rules and regulations we have for catering.

  • WSU Food & Beverage Policy — Learn about the rules and regulations the University has regarding food and beverages.