Room Rates for RSC Meeting Rooms


All Meeting Rooms and Lounges

Please see chart for meeting rooms and lounges and their set-up capacity and their regular retail rates. For discount rate information, see below.

Additional discounted rates:


• For on-campus events – no charge
• Personal events – 30% discount

Faculty/ Staff

• On-campus events – no charge
• Personal events – 25% discount

Non-profit organizations

• 30% discount

WSU Campus Partners

• On-campus events – 25% discount

**All rental rates are for a full day.  Events exceeding scheduled hours will be billed at $100 per hour.  

Beggs Ballroom

• $3,000 for the entire room
• $1,500 for Beggs Ballroom 305
• $1,500 for Beggs Ballroom 306

Room rental rate includes security and clean-up deposit.
All rental rates include: tables, chairs, easels, podiums, staging, microphones, cords, and pipe and drape.
For the use of the Ballroom, set-up times include up to 3 hours in advance of the event and 1 hour following the event. Reservations needing additional time will be charged.

Miscellaneous Charges

After Hours Charge: $100/hour
Unauthorized Room Reset: $25/room
Additional Cleaning Fee: $25/hour
Piano Tuner: $100
Outdoor Heaters: $10 each
Audio/Visual Livestream:
Production: Minumum $120 ($60/hour for a minumum of two hours)
Live Captioning: $100

3rd Floor Event Reservation Packages 

Package 1: Beggs Ballroom, Gridley Room, Aster Lounge, and Hoover Terrace - $3500
Package 2: Entire third floor of the RSC - $4000