Circle Keepers

Shocker Circle Keepers are WSU staff, students, and faculty who have volunteered hours from their usual work duties for extensive training in Circle Process with representatives from KIPCOR (Kansas Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution). Keepers come together from departments across WSU to share the powerful communication and connection possible through the Circle Process.

During the Circle process, the Keeper is not the facilitator or leader of discussion. Rather, they are just as much a participant in the Circle as everyone else, and are present to help hold the Circle and bring new participants up to speed on the process.


Shocker Circle Keepers

Hannah Rich PHR

HR Specialist | Leave Administration


Carmen Hytche

Director of Special Events and Community Relations

(316) 978-3142

Dr. Jay M. Price

Professor and Chair, Department of History

(316) 978-7792

Rocío Del Águila PhD

Graduate Coordinator & Assistant Professor of Spanish

(316) 978 6007

Bobby Berry EdD

Assistant Dean, Assistant Professor

(316) 978-5759

Christine Taylor

Director of Institutional Equity and Compliance

(978) 316-3205

Sheryl Propst

Director of Talent Management

Becoming a Circle Keeper

Shocker Circle Keepers have been trained through KIPCOR, and have undergone annual refresher trainings since 2019. If you would like the opportunity to join the next training program for Circle Keeping, send an email to the Shocker Circles team. The next training dates are not scheduled, so think of this as more of a wait-list than a scheduling feature for now!