Creating a safe, non-judgmental place to discuss an issue or hot topic. A place where you can respond to a speaker that allows equal sharing among all participants, to speak without interruption, contribute or pass as desired.

Introducing the Summer 2021 Shocker Circles Reintegration Series!

Campus reintegration took a big step forward on June 1 with a mass return to pre-pandemic work schedules and locations, and the return to pre-pandemic worksites for all remaining remote employees, some of whom had not reported to their usual worksite since March 2020! Such a massive transition of course stirred many emotional responses from employees and students alike, ranging from excitement and hope to anxiety and frustration.

In recognition and support of such natural emotional reactions, the Shocker Circles initiative, established in 2019, has been mobilized once again. The University invites all students, staff, faculty, and administration to participate in the Summer 2021 Shocker Circles Reintegration Series to openly share their thoughts and feelings in a safe, confidential, and non-hierarchical format. All those who join a Circle are given equal opportunity to speak or pass as they are comfortable, and to deeply listen to others without the need to respond.

This final stage of reintegration continues to look different for everyone, so three distinct themes have been developed to address these unique experiences, although all of the Summer 2021 Circle series centers around our individual thoughts, feelings, and experiences surrounding reintegration. You are invited to join in any or all of these Circles, and because no two Circles are ever alike, if you desire more discussion, you are encouraged to join in more than one Circle.

Beginning on July 6, 2021, the Shocker Circles Summer 2021 Reintegration Series will be holding Circles on Tuesdays and Thursdays with both lunch hour and late afternoon options. Both virtual and in-person sessions have been scheduled for all themes. To view the full schedule of sessions and register to attend, visit the Summer 2021 Series page.


For information on previous iterations of Shocker Circles, visit the Past Circle Series page.

Suggest a Circle Topic!

Is there something in Shocker Nation that you feel should be discussed?

The philosophy behind Shocker Circles is that all members of Shocker Nation must be able to actively participate in shared governance - the process by which our University and community is built, developed, and improved over time. If there is a topic you feel deserves more attention on campus - or within your work team, department, or division - complete this form to share your thoughts with the Circle Keepers and Reference Team. A representative may reach out to you at the email address you provide, and if a Circle or Circle series is scheduled on your topic, the source of the suggestion will not be shared outside of the Shocker Circle team.

NOTE: Your email address will not be shared or distributed in any way.