Past Shocker Circle Series

In the spring semester of 2019, the Circle Process was introduced as an engagement tool intended to yield campus-wide involvement in building a trustworthy process for decision-making and responsible transparency. An interdepartmental Reference Team representing the Offices of Human Resources, Academic Affairs, Student Services, and Institutional Equity and Compliance began the work of learning about this engagement method.

Shocker Circle Reference Team


WSU Shocker

Job Title


 Jay Price Department Chair & Professor History Department Fairmount College
 Sheryl L. Propst  Assistant Director Human Resources
 Lydia Santiago Executive Administrative Specialist Academic Affairs
Christine Taylor Director  Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance

In summer 2019, the Reference Team sought volunteers to join them in becoming trained Circle Keepers. In addition to the Reference Team, thirteen volunteers participated in an all-day training on July 25th.  Those volunteers included three full-time students and ten staff members (three of those ten staff members were also WSU students). All those who were trained, led Shocker Circles on main campus September 23, 2019 through September 28, 2019.

Fall 2019 - Shared Governance

The first series of Shocker Circles were held September 23, 2019 through September 28, 2019, and focused on questions around participants' understanding of the shared governance and decision-making process at WSU.