Requesting a Tutor

Before requesting a tutor please READ:

  • Our goal is to match you with a tutor that you can work with throughout the semester to assist you with your academic goals.
  • It can take up to 48 hours to be matched with a tutor.
  • We attempt to match all requests but we cannot gaurantee that we will have a tutor for all subjects. 
  • All tutoring seesions must be held either virtually or on the WSU campus at the Shocker Learning Center (LH 107) 
  • Tutoring sessions are limited to 60 minutes. Student may not scheudle back-to-back sessions, nor may they schedule more than three sessions each week in one subject or more than five seesion each week in all subjects combined.
  • If your course has Supplemental Instruction you will be referred to your SI leader, who will be your tutor. If you are unable to attend the SI sessions or your SI leaders' office hours, your SI leader will find a time to meet with you. If you and you SI leader are unable to find a time to meet, you will be assigned a tutor.
  • We do not tutor Engineering courses. Please refer to GEEKS and the Engineering Student Success Center for assistance with all Engingeering courses that do not have Supplemental Instruction.

If there is a legitimate reason that a existing academic resource(s) will not work for you, please explain in the notes section of your request and your request will be considered.

STEP-BY-STEP Instructions to Request a Tutor

  1. Login to your myWSU.
  2. Click on the Request A Tutor link under the Student Tools section.
  3. Click on the blue bar that says Request Tutoring/Advising.
  4. Select Request a Tutor under Other Appointment Options.
    1. If using a computer, these options are on the right side.
    2. If using a mobile device, scroll past the New Appointment section.
  5. Select Tutoring as the type of service you would like to schedule.
  6. Select Tutoring as the type of appointment you would like.
  7. Select Find Available Time.
  8. Select the class in the blue box for which you need a tutor.
  9. Select Request Time.
  10. Add your availability for tutoring in the box (for example: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons) and select Request.

*If you need assistance please stop by the Shocker Learning Center in Lindquist Hall 107.

About our Peer Tutoring Program

Student Success offers FREE one-on-one, drop-in and small group tutoring in the Shocker Learning Center for:

  • currently enrolled WSU undergraduate students
  • undergraduate general education courses that are NOT already supported by existing university resources

About our Peer Tutors

Tutoring is provided by CRLA certified peer tutors who assist students in:

  • strengthening their understanding of class materials
  • understanding the textbook
  • organizing assignments
  • improving general learning and study skills

Arrow Peer Coaches

In addition to tutors, Student Success has Peer (undergraduate student) Coaches. Unlike tutors, coaches do not provide subject-specific explanations of content or assistance with homework.

Our Peer Coaches are here to help students define, clarify, and achieve their academic goals. They can assist with the following:

  • Time management
  • Study skills
  • Goal setting and planning
  • Organizing assignments and notes
  • Identifying and eliminating barriers to success
  • Improving course performance
  • Referrals to campus resources
  • Test taking skills

Call the Shocker Learning Center at 316-978-3023 to request an appointment with a Peer Coach! 

Existing Resources

If there is an existing campus resource for the course(s) you are seeking tutoring in or if your course offers Supplemental Instruction, you WILL be directed to the existing resource(s) first.

View existing academic success support resources

Guidelines: Dos and Don'ts

The best way to guarantee you get the help you need is to reach out early. In order for tutoring to be successful and work for you, review our tutoring guidelines