Supplemental Instruction Courses

SI logoSupplemental Instruction (SI) is a series of weekly study sessions offered for students enrolled in historically difficult courses. Students are encouraged to work collaboratively to identify what and how to learn. Students who regularly attend SI sessions are more likely to earn a higher grade in the course.

 Spring 2024 Courses


BIOL 211: General Biology II

CRN 20680

CRN 20679

CHEM 211: General Chemistry I

CRN 20840

CRN 20378

CRN 21578

CRN 20377

CHEM 212: General Chemistry II

CRN 20391

CRN 20390

CHEM 532: Organic Chemistry II

CRN 20405

CRN 23832

HS 290: Foundational Human Anatomy and Physiology

CRN 26216

CRN 26214

CRN 26215

CRN 21338

CRN 25491

CRN 25490

CRN 26217

CRN 25417

CRN 22398

HS 301: Clinical Pharmacology

CRN 20346

CRN 20345

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