Undergraduate Department Exams

The chairperson of the department oversees the examination process. The department is responsible for advising the student about the content of the test. Course prerequisites must be completed before testing.

  • The student must be enrolled at Wichita State University.
  • A department exam will not be administered to a student who has been enrolled previously in the class, unless a "W" was received.
  • If a student has taken the class and failed, they may not take any test and must repeat the course.
  • Students may only take the exam one time.
  • Department exams are written and scored by faculty.
  • Grade recorded for Credit by Exam is CrE.
  • Processing time after exam may be three weeks.
  • Credit received may not transfer to other institutions.

Department Exam Procedure

If the following steps are completed in the order given, the student will have the best service with the least complications:

  1. You must be admitted to WSU and obtain departmental consent to be eligible to take the test.
  2. Pay department fees at the Cashier's window, second floor, Jardine Hall.
  3. Make an appointment to take the exam in the department or Testing Services. (test location is determined by the department). If you take your exam in Testing Services, there is a $28.00 fee. 
  4. The completed test will be sent to the department for scoring and to determine whether or not course credit is earned.

Life Experience or Military Credit

For questions regarding life experience or military credit, contact the following:

Life Experiences Credit: LAS Advising Center, 978-3700, Hubbard Hall

Military Credit: Veterans Services, 978-3547, 105 Grace Wilkie Hall

General Information: Email Testing Services