Our Mission

Our Mission is to educate, entertain, and enhance the Shocker experience by planning versatile programs and creating student leaders.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide the most enhanced programs and leadership opportunities for Shocker Nation.

Our Values

Our Values are:

  • Community, by being present within the Shocker community and community at large by building engaging relationships that create an inclusive environment.

  • Development, by encouraging the development of students through leadership building, teamwork, and networking.

  • Quality, by setting a high standard for event-planning through attention to detail, customer service, and commitment to educational and entertaining experiences.

  • Creativity, by being a resourceful organization that creates timely, unique, and original events.

Meet Our Executive Board
Sarah Myose


Image of Sarah
Emily Liston

Vice President of Membership

Image of Emily
Nathan Truong

Vice President of Marketing

Image of Nathan
Emily Le

Arts & Culture Chairperson

 Emily Le
Jozie Caudillo

Family & Commuter Chairperson

Image of Jozie
Faith Rollings

Interactive Programs Chairperson

 Faith Rollings
Hanna Hoopes

Shocker Night Life Chairperson

Image of Hanna
Tarun Prabhu

Talks & Topics Chairperson

 Tarun Prabhu
Meet Our Advisors
Randi Beggs

Coordinator of Student Activities

Randi Beggs
Zack Shinkle

Coordinator of Student Activities

 Zack Shinkle