Show us your talent!

Talented Shockers from all areas of the arts take the stage in between skit productions. We welcome all forms of artists including musicians, magicians, comedians, singer/songwriters and more. Variety acts are judged and cash prizes are awarded to the top performers.

Performer Expectations


Hippodrome variety acts have the following characteristics:

  • Performance length: must not exceed 5 minutes

  • Setup/Teardown Time: <5 minutes

  • Equipment: Must be able to carry equipment inside auditorium in one trip. No assistance will be provided.

  • We can provide: up to three (3) corded microphones with stands, one (1) cordless microphone with stand, one (1) wooden flat seat stool.

  • Performance dates: All variety show acts will perform on Friday, March 31.


If your performance includes prerecorded music, the music must be on individual tracks and on a submitted on a flash drive.  It is important to make sure that the music is in Audio format on a Flash Drive. Each sound cue should be on a separate track, even if it is the same song. If you fail to check these settings, you risk your music not working correctly. Please have a folder on the flash drive with the title of your variety act performance.  The flash drive will need to be turned in with the Music/Sound Effects Cover Sheet.


All variety acts will perform on Friday, March 31. Please review the dates and deadlines page for specifics. All variety acts will be given a specific load-in/load-out time as stage doors only open between video productions. You and your performers are responsible for the load-in and load-out of equipment. Stagehands will be available for some props and to move microphones.


Hippodrome produces a program called the Hippodrome Playbill. To be included in the Playbill you will need to provide a profile/group picture, title of Variety Show Act, and name(s) of participant(s). To ensure the playbill goes to print on time, please be aware of all deadlines. See Playbill Form at the end of this packet.



  • Creativity

    • Performance demonstrate originality

    • Utilized creative moves, costumes or music to make performance special

  • Delivery/Quality

    • In-tune singing/playing, polished dance moves, vocal projection

    • No/few mistakes

    • Looks polished and is dressed appropriately

    • Performer(s) display poise and confidence

  • Showmanship

    • Personality is displayed through performance

    • Engages with the audience; eye contact, movement on stage

    • Attire and props are appropriate and enhance performance

  • Entertainment Value

    • Audience response to performance

    • Overall interest in seeing the performance again

  • Talent/Technical Ability

    • Demonstrates a level of skill appropriate for the performance

    • Routine/act is well coordinated

Cash Awards

The following are awarded based on judges scoring.*

  • 1st place: $150

  • 2nd place: $100

  • 3rd place: $75

*Cash prizes are awarded in the form of a check which is cut by the State of Kansas. Any outstanding debts to the University or State of Kansas may be held by the respective issuers.


Award Ceremony

All awards are announced following the completion of all performances on Friday. There will be a brief intermission following the completion of the show in which scores are tallied.

Dates & Deadlines

Registration Deadline

Wednesday, March 2 by 5 p.m.

Registration includes

    • Upload video submission of talent.

Register Here


Notified of your Performance Schedule after March 20

 Performances and Awards

Friday, March 31 – 7:00 p.m. | CAC Theater


Variety Act: Talent Packet