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Campus Traditions

Shocktoberfest has been Wichita State’s annual celebration of Shocker spirit and pride since 1991. This week-long series features events, programs and competitions coordinated by the  Student Involvement with the support of multiple student organizations and campus departments.

Hippodrome is WSU's longest standing tradition where groups of students write, produce and act out their own 20-25 minute skit.  In between each skit students perform variety acts in their own competition for cash prizes.  This traditional event first appeared in 1928 where students and organizations were invited to enter a stunt competition for a ten dollar prize. Today, students participate in skit competitions and special attractions, both of which showcase the many talents our students have on campus.  This traditional week used to be a one-day event but has since dramatically grown to include a full week’s worth of activities. The early years saw such events as wrestling and boxing matches, organizational booths and a country store. More recently, Hippodrome activities have included best legs competitions, hippo calling contests, ice cream socials and casino nights. Who knows what future events will bring to campus? 


Campus Traditions at WSU

Wu's Birthday Bash

Homecoming is Wichita State's annual celebration of Shicker spirit and pride. This week-long series features events, programs and competitions for Shockers of all ages!

Hippodrome Skit

WSU's longest running tradition, formed in 1928, has changed over the years and has established itself as a celebration of the arts. WSU students share their many talents over the week through dance, performance art and event writing and directing their own skits. The coveted Hippodrome Skit & Variety Show is a must see event at WSU!


Students at Back to School Bash

Students will always remember the first and last events they attended while being a Shocker. Student Involvement host many of those programs. Your Shocker experience will not be the same if you miss out on much loved programs like Back to School Bash (kicking off your academic experience) to The Toast: A Graduation Celebration.



Clash of the Colleges

The Campus Traditions Committee and Student Involvement host many long standing traditons at WSU that you don't want to miss out on. Here are a few more for you to consider.