Looking for an engaging learning experience on a career-related topic for your class or group? Request a speaker from the Shocker Career Accelerator. We will customize the experience to fit your unique career needs.

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Build Your Shocker Career Accelerator (SCA) Experience:

SCA Basic Information: In every workshop, we give a brief overview of the SCA and our role with WSU students. We can briefly go over many other topics, including:

  • Applied Learning at WSU: At Wichita State, applied learning is a big part of what we do. Every degree we offer has opportunities for applied learning or research experiences. Learn how your group can get the chance to work side by side with established professionals and build contacts, confidence, and a strong resume before graduation.
  • Handshake: Let us go over the basics of Handshake. We will go over some quick tips, how to use handshake and have all your students activate their handshake account.
  • Professional Photos: If a picture is worth 1,000 words, what does your professional profile picture say about you? The Shocker Career Accelerator takes professional photos for all students. Just have your students put on their best professional wear, and smile!
  • Career Closet: Do your students need professional clothing for career fairs, interviews, and professional development opportunities? Have them come to our Career Closet. We will help them select career attire – all free. Limit three items per student. 

Primary Workshop Topic: What would you like the session to focus on? This can be customized based on your group’s needs.

  • Ace the Interview: (45 minutes) In this hands-on session, understand how to prepare for an interview, how to structure answers to interview questions, and how to be successful after an interview. Students gain experience practicing interviews and leave with valuable feedback to improve their interviewing skills.
  • Career Fair Prep: (45 minutes) The Shocker Career Accelerator and other departments hold career fairs throughout the year to get students in front of employers. They can be intimidating if you have never participated in one. In this workshop, we dive deeply into our career fair checklist. We go over preparation before the fair, what to expect during the event, the basics of networking with employers, and more.
  • Design Your Life: (60 minutes) Choosing a career path or a major can seem like a daunting task. In this workshop, we will start by exploring your interests and characteristics to define where you want to go. This is a very hands-on workshop; most of the time will be spent guiding students through creating vision boards and applying their interests to career exploration.
  • Employers Speaking in your Classroom: (flexible) We know that sometimes students want to hear directly from employers. Our employer network can speak on several topics, everything from career management advice to how they use their degree in their current role. If you have an idea or topic that you would like to have an employer present on, let us know. We are happy to help you coordinate a visit.
  • Holland code: (45 minutes) Guided by the Holland Code assessment, your group will analyze their own interest and career goals both in a group setting and individually. Your group will take the Holland Code Assessment and apply their findings in O*Net, What can I do with my major? and My Next Move.
  • NACE Competencies: (30 or 60 minutes) The 8 NACE career-ready competencies are Critical thinking, Communication, Teamwork, Technology, Leadership, Professionalism, Career & Self Exploration, Equity & Inclusion. In this workshop we will guide your group through what each competency is, how to learn and develop each and their application to their careers and beyond.
  • Networking: (45 minutes) 85% of jobs are filled through networking. Building relationships in your industry is key to excelling in your career. Learn how to network online and in-person guided by our tips and tricks.
  • Resume Building: (30 minutes) Whether your group is starting their resumes from scratch or have resumes in need of a confidence boost, this workshop is for you. In this workshop we break down each section of a professional resume, going over its purpose and key elements.
  • Resume Clinic: (30 minutes) The resume is a crucial document in the job search process. Whether you are applying for a part/full-time position, on-campus employment, co-op/internship, graduate school admissions, research, fellowship, scholarships, or volunteer experience, you must develop and maintain a professional document to apply for these opportunities. Join this hands-on workshop to help you understand the applicant tracking system, how to showcase your skills and how to customize your resume based on the job you are applying for.

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BUILD YOUR SCA EXPERIENCE - In every workshop we give a brief overview of the SCA and our role with WSU students. We can briefly go over many other topics. Please select all you would like us to go over.