Are you a faculty member or part of a student organization and want someone to present to your classroom or group? We can talk to your students about any career-related topic.

Topics include (but are not limited to):


  • Career Closet: Do your students need professional clothing for career fairs, interviews, and professional development opportunities? Have them come to our Career Closet during your first-year seminar. We will help them select career attire – all free. Limit three items per student. 
  • Professional Photos: If a picture is worth 1,000 words, what does your professional profile picture say about you? Let the Shocker Career Accelerator take a professional photo of your first-year seminar students. Just have your students put on their best professional wear, and smile!


  • Ace the Interview: In this hands-on session understand what to do before, during, and after an interview and gain an understanding of how to best answer typical interview questions. 

  • Applied Learning: Build Your Brand Workshop:

    It is in our mission and vision. Still, many students are not aware of what applied learning means at WSU. Most are not aware of the many internships with local employers and opportunities with our Innovation Campus employers. We are eager to share what those opportunities are and how students can prepare themselves, apply, and be considered for those opportunities.

  • Career Fair Prep: The Shocker Career Accelerator and other departments hold career fairs throughout the year to get students in front of employers. They can be intimidating and scary if you have never participated in one. In this workshop we cover: preparation before the fair, what to expect during the event, the basics of networking with employers, and more.

  • Career Ready Workshops:

    Employers are looking for Wichita State graduates to be Career Ready — meaning students know how to use their talents, strengths, and interests. Being Career Ready means students can recognize and demonstrate the competencies identified by employers crucial to a successful transition into the workplace.

    Our workshops are designed to help students understand the meaning of these competencies, learn how to identify and exhibit these skills, and develop them further. We can present Career Workshops on: 

    • Career Management
    • Leadership
    • Critical Thinking
    • Teamwork / Collaboration
    • Professionalism
    • Global Fluency
    • Tech Savvy
    • Oral / Written Communication 
  • Cracking the Career Code:  Not sure how to prepare while you are in college to get that dream job? Join us in Cracking the Career Code, and find out what skills employers are looking for from new employees, and how to develop them. We can help you identify and understand the eight career competencies and show you how to put them into action ON and OFF-campus and be a top candidate for that dream job. 

  • Design Your Life: Choosing a career path or a major can seem like a daunting task. In this workshop, we’ll start with where you are and begin to define where you would like to go. We’ll take initial stock of your interests, talents, skills, goals, problems you’d like to solve, and then focus on potential future paths!

  • Handshake Lab: Let us show you how to build a rich profile that helps you stand out when employers search for students. Use our tips and examples to make it easier to find the best jobs and internships. Students will need a Wi-Fi accessible laptop, netbook, or iPad to work on during the session. In this lab, you will access your profile and learn how to: filter and saving a job search; investigate new employers; beef up your profile; job, internship, and co-op searches; sign up for events; access the resource section. 

  • Job Hunting Lab: Basic Training: Let's learn how employers hire so we'll know what they're looking for, use that information to build a resume that passes a 10-second scan. Get tips on how to exhibit professionalism and why it matters during the interview! Join us in this essential training to help you launch your career management plan!

  • Meeting Your Handshake Potential: Join the Shocker Career Accelerator in an interactive session navigating Handshake. Handshake is so much more than a job database; discover the potential in this powerful career management tool!

  • Professionalism 101: Join the Shocker Career Accelerator as we focus on every aspect of being a true professional in the workplace, no matter what industry you choose. Get ready to discover tips for professional dress, the importance of a good work ethic, how to self-advocate, and more. 

  • Resume Building: The resume is a crucial document in the job search process. Whether you are applying for a part/full-time position, on-campus employment, co-op/internship, graduate school admissions, research, fellowship, scholarships, or volunteer experience, you will need to develop and maintain a professional document to apply for these opportunities. Join this hands-on workshop to help you understand what information is required and the elements of a professional resume to pursue the perfect opportunity for your skillset.

  • Virtual Career Fair Prep and Professionalism: The Shocker Career Accelerator and other departments hold virtual career fairs throughout the year to get students in front of employers. They are different from an inperson event. In this workshop we cover: preparation before the fair, what to expect during the event, the basics of networking with employers, and more. 


  • Employers Speaking in your Classroom: We know that sometimes students want to hear directly from employers. Our employer network can speak on several topics, everything from career management advice to how they use their LAS degree in their current role. If you have an idea or topic that you would like to have an employer present on, let us know. This could be 15 minutes or an entire class period. We are happy to help you coordinate a visit.


  • Strong Interest Inventory (Class time 45 - 50 minutes)

    The Strong Interest Inventory is an assessment based on the work of John Holland, focusing on a person's interests, which are then tied to potential careers. The cost is $15, and the assessment is taken online; we would need to print results (in color) for each participant. The results identify their primary themes, basic interest scales, and personal style and compare their likes and dislike with people who are satisfied and successful in their occupations. 

  • VISTA cards (Class time 60 minutes)

    VISTA cards help the student identify their interests by doing a card sort. Students go through each deck (Interests, Values, Skills, and Traits) and place the cards into one of four categories: Enjoy Most, Somewhat Enjoy, and Do Not Enjoy. They then narrow their "Enjoy Most" to their top ten and record them on a summary sheet. They can then explore O*Net Online to identify various job titles that focus on the combination of characteristics they have identified.

  • Holland code (Class time 30 – 45 minutes)
    Instead of using an assessment, this exercise would be doing an interactive exercise after hearing a description of each of the six Holland themes and having students divide into groups by the theme they most identify with. After understanding all six themes, they could then use O*Net Online and Occupational Outlook Handbook to explore information about possible occupations. (The Holland code exercise would typically take 30-45 minutes in class, and they could explore related online resources on their own to complete any assignments given.)
  • True Colors (Class time 60 minutes)

    True Colors is a personality/communication style exercise. Students look through four True Colors cards and place them in order of most descriptive to the least descriptive. They then divide into groups by color to identify their strengths, joys, needs, and core values. Each color shares their list with the others, with an opportunity for people with other colors to ask questions. Handouts are available which identify jobs for the various color combinations.

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