Before you apply:

-Please check to see if a Supplemental Instruction session is offered for your course.

-Please check if there is drop-in tutoring for your course.

Engineering majors, please check with the Geeks website. We do NOT offer tutoring for Engineering courses.

Note: Tutoring is free.

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*Please note that we can only guarantee a tutor for general education courses.

Have you used any of these academic support services?
Math Lab
Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Tutoring
Chemistry Department Tutoring
Economics Department Tutoring
Logic Clinic
Physics Lab
Supplemental Instruction
Writing Center

Are you a current participant receiving services from any of the programs listed below?
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Disability Support Services (DSS)
Student Support Services (SSS)
McNair Scholars Program
Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) MSMP program


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I understand that I am utilizing a Wichita State University resource, and I will respond to the Office of Student Success and their tutors in a timely manner (48 hours).

I understand that if I don't respond to the three email attempts to match me with a tutor, my request will be closed.

I will provide at least a 24-hour notice if I need to cancel a tutoring session.

I understand that if I cancel or arrive more than 15 minutes late to three or more tutoring sessions, the Office of Student Success will assume that I no longer need tutoring, and my request will be closed.