Make it Official!

If you have an interest or hobby that there is not already a club or organization for, why not start one? Find more information here on the steps, requirements, and benefits of being a recognized student organization.

Student organizations provide an outlet for students to enhance their Shocker Experience! The staff of Student Engagement, Advocacy & Leadership are here to help you through the process of creating, establishing and chartering an RSO at Wichita State. SEAL assists students in starting new student organizations that address areas of interest which are not offered through other RSOs. The process is a collaboration between Student Engagement, Advocacy & Leadership and the Student Government Association.

Chartering Your Student Organization

"What does chartering mean?" - Chartering refers to the formal recognition of a student organization. A chartered organization at Wichita State is permitted certain benefits not given to recognized groups.

Check for Duplicity

Take a look at our registered student organizations, and see if there is a place where your interests are already represented on campus. With over 300 registered student organizations, there is a good chance that we have something you would love.  You can see that list by visiting by clicking here.

Achieving and Renewing Recognition

All recognized organizations are required to file appropriate paperwork with the Student Engagement, Advocacy & Leadership located on ShockerSync in order to be considered active at Wichita State University. Organizations are classified according to who may serve as the officers and who their primary members are.

All organizations are required to have:

  • Members: At least five members

  • Leadership: An officer team which must include a President and Treasurer; additional positions are at the discreation of the student organization

  • Advisor: Organization Advisor must be a full-time employee of Wichita State University

  • Constitution: The group will create a Constitution to be ratified (approval by vote) by its members and approved by Student Engagement, Advocacy & Leadership

Benefits of Recognition

Recognition is a process where organizations become officially sanctioned and acknowledged by Wichita State University. Recognition is administered on an annual basis to over 300 organizations on campus. Recognition allows organizations access to meeting space, equipment, and services.  Many privileges come from being a recognized campus or student organization at Wichita State University. These benefits are not available to unrecognized organizations or groups of individual students. Once an organization becomes recognized, the following privileges and benefits are available:

  • Recognition as a university organization

  • Use of university trademarks in accordance with WSU Trademark Licensing Policy and Guidelines

  • Establishment of an account with the Financial Operations and appropriate purchasing privileges in accordance with university guidelines and expectations

  • Inclusion in appropriate university publications

  • Publication of activities through the university calendar

  • Utilization of the Student Organizations website

  • Eligibility to utilize university staff and programming resources

  • Eligibility to apply for awards and honors presented to university recognized organizations and members

  • Eligibility for use of campus meeting facilities

  • Eligibility to be considered for the Student Government funding allocations

  • Printing Fund through Student Engagement, Advocacy & Leadership free to organizations
  • Use of Student Engagement, Advocacy & Leadership equipment and technology for events hosted by the organization

Some university equipment and services may involve charges. Benefits are not available to all recognized organizations because of additional criteria and restrictions that may be imposed by the respective entity. 

Schedule a meeting with Student Organization staff

Call (316) 978-3022 or visit the Student Engagement, Advocacy & Leadership office, RSC 216, to set a meeting. You can also email us at

Next Steps

After the organization has been approved by Student Engagement, Advocacy & Leadership, you will present your organization for approval to the Student Government Association Senate. 

Finally, you will have one more meeting with RSO Staff before you are recognized as a Student Organization. 

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Resources for Organizations

We are here to help you manage your student organization, no matter what your needs are! We can assist you in promoting your club, reserving space, training officers, and more!