The Student Government Association processes all funding requests via the Budget Tool on ShockerSync. Please note that all requests must be submitted 10 days prior to first date of travel. Funding may be allocated for Provisional or Recognized Student Organizations and can be requested for conference travel, events/projects, or operational expenses. Organizations can submit up to four requests per fiscal year, not exceeding more than $3,000 (Recognized Student Organizations) and no more than $1,000 (Provisional Organizations) for one category of funding (conference travel, event/project, operational). Organizations who are Approprations Funded may request for up to $1,500 IF all funded has been expended. Approprations groups must contact the SGA Treasurer first prior to requesting funded. 

Organizational Funding for 2022-2023 is now closed.

For a student to have access to the application for the organization, the student must be a recorded Officer on ShockerSync.

  1. Go to ShockerSync and log in
  2. Once logged in, on the homepage of ShockerSync, under “Memberships” click on the organization you wish to make a funding application for
  3. In the top right corner, click “Manage Organization”
  4. On the left, click on the menu bar next to your Organization’s name
  5. Click “Finance” on the pop-up sidebar
  6. Once on Finance, you can view your organization’s previous and current requests. On the top right corner, click “Create New Request” to create a new funding request for your organization
  7. Select the appropriate request to fill out
Documents to Upload

Notice of Acceptance to the Conference -  If the organization is presenting, you must submit the notice of acceptance

Conference Description - generally in the form of a screen shot of a website page, or can be a typed document by the applicant.

Sanctioned Student Travel Registration Form – attach in the form of a PDF. This form is to maintain the travelers’ emergency contact information while representing the university.

Sanctioned Student Travel Registration Form

Further instructions on the Sanctioned Student Travel Registration Form:

Go to ShockerSync to fill out the application for travel. Once submitted for approval, this should redirect you to your form submissions. The last column labeled “Action” has a print option. Select the print option and for the Destination, click the dropdown menu and “Save as PDF.” Submit the PDF to the upload selectionregardless of if the form has been approved or not. If you are not redirected to the page where you can view all your submissions, click on the top right icon with your picture or first initial and on the pop-up sidebar, click “Submissions.” The first tab that appears, “Forms,” should have your submission.

If you are unable to submit any of the required documents, please email the Treasurer immediately.

Funding Limits

Provisional organizations may request up to $1,000 per fiscal year, and RSOs may request up to $3,000 per fiscal year

Legislative Process for Funding
  1. Submit application through ShockerSync
  2. Budget and Finance Chair reviews application for basic requirements
  3. Applicant attends a Budget and Finance Committee Hearing
  4. If approved by the Budget and Finance Committee, the Chair submits a funding recommendation to the Senate
  5. Senate votes on the funding bill and approved by Treasurer and Student Body President

Please note that Steps 1-5 can take several weeks as it depends on the number of funding applications submitted. 

Submitting Receipts

Receipts must be submitted within 10 business days from the date of return from travel or event, or receipts must be submitted within 30 days of approval of funding for organization funding. Receipts can be scanned and emailed to in the form of a JPEG or PDF, or receipts can be submitted to the SGA Office in RSC219. If submitted to the office, receipts must be paper-clipped or submitted in a folder and clearly labeled with the organization’s name, and name and email of the person submitting the receipts if the contact information is different from the ShockerSync request.

Receipts must also include a summary of receipts submitted for travel and event/project requests. The summary can be in Excel, Word, or neatly hand-written. An example of the summary is here.

For travel requests:

The summary must include, at minimum, 3 columns, line item (registration, lodging, transportation), total amount per category, and breakdown of each amount submitted.

For event/project requests:

The summary must include, at minimum, 2 columns, line item and price of line item for each receipt submitted.

If there are any complications with gathering receipts to submit before the 7 business days, please contact the SGA Treasurer immediately.


SGA is not responsible for reimbursing individuals in the organization. After SGA reimburses the organization, the organization can fill out a Safekeeping Check Request to reimburse the individual. Individuals receiving reimbursement must complete a W-9 (domestic students) or W-8BEN (international students). Safekeeping Check Request form and W-9/W-8BEN are turned into Financial Operations in Jardine 201. For the individual to receive reimbursement, direct deposit information must be filled out. To access this, go to the myWSU portal and under myFinances, Employee Self-Service, Direct Deposit Information, fill out the “WSU Employee Travel/Reimbursement Direct Deposit Distribution” information.

Funding is in the form of reimbursement to the organization for clearly stated expenses approved by SGA. The organization must submit all original receipts to the Treasurer to receive the approved amount of money after returning from travel, event, or purchase of operational expense. In order to receive SGA funding, organizations must have a Safekeeping account with the Financial Operations Office on campus. If an organization is uncertain of whether they have a Safekeeping account, please contact Gabriel Fonseca, Assistant Director for Student Involvement.

Receipts must be submitted to Treasurer or the SGA office within 10 business days upon returning from travel or date of event, or within 30 days of approval of funding for operational expenses for the reimbursement to be processed.

Organizations will not be reimbursed more than the amount approved from the Senate, nor will organizations be reimbursed more than the amount spent on the submitted receipts. Additionally, organizations will not be reimbursed more than the allocated line item amount. For example, if the organization is allocated $100 for registration and $100 for lodging for a total of $200, but submits receipts for $50 for registration and $150 for lodging, the total amount reimbursed will be $150, not $200.

Who to Contact?

For questions, please contact the Student Body Treasurer via email at