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Student Veterans Organization emblem. Transitioning from military life to higher education presents the veteran with a set of challenges that have commonalities among veterans but are also unique for each veteran. At Wichita State University, we have outstanding pre-enrollment programs, like Veterans Upward Bound, to assist veterans with remedial education needs, personal services, planning and guidance that enhances veterans success prior to entering higher education.

The Student Veterans Organization (SVO) was created to address veteran needs while going through the higher education experience. The SVO saw a need to focus on the veterans needs while in school, enriching the school experience and enhancing overall veteran success for veterans.

The Wichita State SVO has several primary goals:

  • To provide opportunities for socialization and campus involvement that enhance personal wellbeing, transition and academic experience.
  • Enhance veteran self-worth and the welfare of others through opportunities of philanthropy within Wichita State University and the community.
  • Assist veterans with individual needs that may hinder their success in obtaining a higher education degree.
  • Advocate for veterans at the University, local, state and federal levels when issues arise that harm, disenfranchise or marginalize the veteran population.

Membership is open to all students, dependents and those who have a desire to be a member. If you are interested in becoming an organization member, fill out the application form on the website; or send the SVO Vice President (Ciaban Peterson) an e-mail; or stop by the Military Student and Veterans Center in Grace Wilkie Hall room 105.

Open Leadership Positions

Check back in April 2018 - The Student Veterans Organization will have several open, non-paying, organization leadership positions. If you are interested and would like more details please contact the SVO Vice President. You can also take a look at the open positions here.


If you are interested in memebership feel free to use our Orgsync website or you can stop by the Military Student and Veterans Center in Grace Wilkie Hall room 105 or contact the SVO Vice President for more information.

Alternately you can fill out the form here.