Board of Trustees 



The Wichita State Board of Trustees (BOT) consists of nine members who are all residents of the state of Kansas and all of whom shall be appointed by the governor. Members are appointed for terms of three years and remain until their successors have been appointed. Members shall be appointed to fill vacancies caused by death or resignation and shall hold office for the remainder of the unexpired terms. View current trustees


The essential purpose of the BOT shall be that of supporting the educational undertakings of the university and to that end to receive and hold in trust any property, real and personal, given devised, bequeathed, given in trust or in any other way made over to the BOT for the use or benefit of the university, or of any student or professor therein as such, or of any department thereof, or for the carrying on at the institution of any line of work, teaching or investigation, which the donor, grantor or testator may designate; to invest or disburse all moneys so received, and generally to care for, manage, administer and control all such property so received, and to carry out the wishes and to see that the funds and property so received are applied to the uses specified by the donors, or, in case the gift, devise or bequest is a general one, then to such uses as may be agreed on by the BOT. The BOT shall not have the power or authority to disburse funds under its control for any expense of the university or for any item of campus property of the university, as campus property is defined in subsection (c) of K.S.A. 76-3a01 and amendments thereto unless such disbursements shall have first been approved by the state board of regents.


An Act of Faith, written by Melvin H. Witrogen, Dennis C. Duel and Jimmy M. Skaggs, documented the incorporation of the University of Wichita into the state university system.

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An Act of Faith
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