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11.12 / Use of University Campus for First Amendment Activities

1.  The University recognizes and supports the rights of individuals and groups to engage in First Amendment activities. This policy shall be interpreted to support such activities while simultaneously balancing the rights of students, employees and visitors who make up the University community. This allows the University to fulfill its mission as a state educational institution of Kansas. All individuals are entitled to conduct their lawful business at the University without interference or disruption. University buildings, facilities and grounds are not available for unrestricted use by individuals and groups for purposes of constitutionally protected speech, assembly or expression. The University’s regulations, procedures and requirements are intended to preserve its mission, its normal functions, and the use of its buildings, facilities and grounds.

2.  All events, activities, individuals and groups are subject to the procedures, regulations, and requirements of the University (see link below), Kansas Board of Regents, local ordinances, state and federal law. 

3.  A First Amendment Activity (Event) should be registered with the University Event Services Office by emailing letsmeet@wichita.edu or calling (316) 978-3475 no later than seventy-two (72) hours prior to the Event, and by providing a Notification of Intent to be on University property. The Notification of Intent form is available at www.wichita.edu/ESpolicies and includes the following information:

4.  The Event may not interfere with the operational, administration or education activities inside or outside any University building or otherwise prevent the University from fulfilling its mission and achieving its primary purpose of providing an education to its students. 

Effective Date:
September 29, 2017

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