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20.16 / Food and Beverage Policies

I.  Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to clarify expectations regarding the sale and distribution of food on campus and to communicate requirements for Wichita State University, the Rhatigan Student Center, and non-WSU affiliated food providers and ensure proper food handling to avoid the risk of foodborne illness. This includes any private, public or formal events that require food or alcohol service. 

II.  WSU Dining

WSU Dining is a key provider of dining service requests for the Wichita State University and the Rhatigan Student Center with some exceptions. WSU Dining (Chartwells) is the recommended caterer for all on-campus events. WSU Dining is not the exclusive provider of food on campus with the exception of Shocker Hall. Requests for catering by WSU Dining may be made by contacting the Dining Services Office.  

III.  Catering Locations

With some qualifications, WSU maintains an open catering policy throughout the campus. A reserving party may choose catering from WSU Dining or a list of Approved Caterers. Catering in Shocker Hall is restricted to WSU Dining.

IV.  Approved Caterers

In addition to food services provided by WSU Dining Services, a reserving party may choose a caterer of their choice from a list of approved preferred caterers. Catered events with food service costs of less than $100 are exempt from the required approval process.

Applications for the Approved Caterers list as well as a complete list of approved vendors is available at the Event Services webpage. 

V.  Recognized Student Organizations

Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) may use WSU Dining or any approved caterer for on-campus catered events. RSOs must follow Student Involvement guidelines for food service on campus.

VII.  President's Residence

Food service at the President’s official residence will be determined by the President and the President’s spouse.

VII.  Food Provided for Fundraisers

RSOs may conduct events where food is provided as a fundraiser. These events include those where food is catered or sold as part of a fundraising effort. Procedures for conducting fundraisers on campus are available from the Office of Student Involvement on the second floor of the Rhatigan Student Center.

IX.  Potlucks

University departments, faculty and staff and RSOs may hold potlucks within their own facilities and are exempt from the approval process. A potluck is defined as a small member-only gathering where food is principally homemade. Events open to the general university or public are not potluck. Individuals may bring food into university facilities for their own personal consumption.

X.  Donated Food Policies

WSU does allow for the service of donated food with the following conditions:

XI.  Exclusive Beverage Contract

All reserving parties serving drinks on campus must comply with the Wichita State University exclusive beverage contract with Pepsi Cola requiring that Pepsi products including bottled water and juices must be served at meetings, events and activities on campus.

XII.  Alcohol Service

Alcohol Service is available at specific locations throughout the WSU campus with the approval of the University’s General Counsel. Alcohol service must be provided by a licensed caterer with a current Kansas state liquor license.  Forms for requesting permission to serve alcohol are available at the Event Services webpage or by calling the Event Services Office at 978-3475. The University's policy regarding alcohol service is available at Section 11.07, Cereal Malt Beverages and Alcoholic Liquor.

Effective Date:
August 8, 2017

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