1.09 / Strategic Planning Committee

  1. Purpose

    The Strategic Planning Committee is a University-level standing committee implemented by the President, which serves to facilitate the advancement and implementation of the WSU Strategic Plan. The purpose of this policy is to define the structure and responsibilities of the committee.

  2. Committee Structure

    The following appointments shall be made to the Strategic Planning Committee. There are no term limits for appointees.

    1. Representatives Appointed by Colleges and Other University Units

      The dean or senior executive in each of the following areas shall appoint a representative to the Strategic Planning Committee. Each representative is expected to be an integral part of the college or unit’s strategic planning process and a person who can effect change in their college or unit:

      1. College of Engineering
      2. College of Education
      3. College of Fine Arts
      4. College of Health Professions
      5. Dorothy and Bill Cohen Honors College
      6. Fairmount College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
      7. Graduate School
      8. Research and Technology Transfer
      9. Institute for Interdisciplinary Creativity
      10. University Libraries
      11. W. Frank Barton School of Business
      12. Office of Academic Affairs
      13. Division of Student Affairs
      14. Career Development Center
      15. Finance and Administration
      16. Strategic Communications
      17. Campus of Applied Science and Technology
      18. National Institute for Aviation Research
      19. Diversity and Community Engagement
    2. Representatives Appointed by University Organizations

      Each of the following organizations shall appoint a representative using the organization’s process for selecting committee members. Representatives are expected to be a voice for their constituents, as well as be an active participant in the work of the Strategic Planning Committee:

      1. Faculty Senate
      2. Unclassified Professional Senate
      3. University Support Staff Senate
      4. Student Government Association
      5. Graduate Student Association
    3. Chair of the Committee

      The Assistant to the President for Strategic Planning chairs the committee. This position facilitates the activities of the committee.

    4. Advisor

      A representative from the Office of the General Counsel shall serve as an advisor to committee.

  3. Committee Responsibilities

    1. To engage in the strategic planning assessment process to monitor progress toward targets, to include:
      1. Strategic Planning Dashboard
      2. Areas for improvement
      3. Coordinating University continuous improvement efforts
    2. To provide meaningful cross-campus conversation on strategic topics to demonstrate progress on the University's strategic plan, to include:
      1. Transferring implementation responsibility of the strategic plan to Provost, Deans, and Resource Partners
      2. Facilitating University Strategic Plan events (e.g. Fall Strategic Plan Annual Review, Spring Strategic Plan Forum)
    3. To review University goals for needed revisions, to include additions, deletions or changes as appropriate.
    4. To provide ownership of WSU Strategic Plan website content.
    5. To review Strategic Plan templates, tools and metrics for needed changes.
    6. To facilitate the applied learning implementation process, to include:
      1. Reviewing applied learning proposals and providing endorsement or non-endorsement (with feedback)
      2. Providing representation on Faculty Senate Academic Affairs Committee and Graduate Council for review of applied learning proposals
    7. To ensure two-way communication with the various University senates.
    8. To schedule review of and provide feedback to colleges and other University departments on updated strategic plans, to include:
      1. Ensuring college and department plans are linked to University Strategic Plan
      2. Ensuring colleges and departments engage in continuous improvement of their respective strategic plans