1.09 / Strategic Plan Implementation

  1. Initiating Authority

    1. The Office of the President serves as the initiating authority.
  2. Purpose

    1. The Strategic Plan Committee (the "Committee") is a University-level standing committee created by the President, which serves to facilitate the advancement and implementation of the WSU Strategic Plan through the facilitation of subordinate action and unit-level plans. The purpose of this policy is to define the structure and responsibilities of the Committee.
  3. Committee Structure

    1. Appointments

      The following appointments shall be made to the Committee. There are no term limits for appointees.

      1. Administrative Unit Representation and Plans

        The Committee shall be comprised of a representative from each of the unit, department and/or area ("Units") identified in this section, and as designated by the President. The dean or senior executive of each Unit shall appoint their Unit representative to the Committee. Each representative is expected to be an integral part of their Unit's strategic planning process and a person who can effect change in their Unit. Each representative is charged with reporting on and representing their Unit plan, as noted below:

        1. Academic Affairs - Academic Master Plan
        2. Campus of Applied Science and Technology - Strategic Plan
        3. Chief Diversity Officer - Diversity Plan
        4. Facilities Planning - Facilities Master Plan
        5. Finance and Administration - University Budget
        6. Human Resources - Talent Management Plan
        7. Information Technology Services - Technology Plan
        8. Industry and Defense Programs - I&D Plan
        9. Research - Research Plan
        10. Strategic Communications - Communications Plan
        11. Strategic Enrollment Management - SEM Plan
        12. Student Affairs - Student Affairs Plan
        13. Wichita State University Foundation - Budget
    2. Representatives Appointed by University Organizations

      Each of the following organizations ("Organization") shall appoint a representative using the Organization's process for selecting Committee members. Representatives are expected to be a voice for their constituents, as well as be an active participant in the work of the Committee as it relates to the University's Academic Master Plan:

      1. Faculty Senate
      2. University Staff Senate
      3. Student Government Association
      4. Graduate Student Association
    3. Chair of the Committee

      The Vice President for Strategic Engagement and Planning chairs the Committee. This position facilitates the activities of the Committee.

  4. Committee Responsibilities

    1. Committee Charge

      The Committee is charged with implementing, facilitating, and advancing the WSU Strategic Plan.

    2. Primary Responsibilities

      The primary responsibilities of the Committee shall include:

      1. Integrating the Unit-level strategic plans and goals into the plans and goals of the University to aid in shaping and formulating the University's Strategic Plan and to support all institutional, accreditation, and regulatory reporting obligations.
      2. Assessing progress towards targets by:

        1. Collecting data and other artifacts that support annual reporting of progress;
        2. Recommending initiatives and areas for improvement of University efforts;
        3. Reporting initiatives and activities through the strategic planning reporting portal; and
        4. Coordinating University continuous improvement efforts.
      3. Providing meaningful cross-campus conversation on strategic topics to demonstrate progress on the University's strategic plan, to include:

        1. Transferring implementation responsibility of the strategic plan to campus stakeholders including but not limited to vice presidents, and deans; and
        2. Facilitating University strategic plan events (e.g. Fall Strategic Plan Annual Review, Spring Strategic Plan Forum).
      4. Reviewing Strategic Plan templates, tools, and metrics for needed changes to the University's Strategic Plan.
      5. Ensuring two-way communication with the various University Senates.
      6. Scheduling the review of, and providing feedback to leaders on the, subordinate action plans of the units, areas, and entities to ensure:

        1. Unit plans are linked to University Strategic Plan; and
        2. The Units engage in continuous improvement of their respective action plans.
    3. University Strategic Plan Review

      1. The University is committed to reviewing and updating the University Strategic Plan every three to five years, as dictated by the President. The Strategic Planning Committee shall participate in such review and update alongside representatives from the community and University constituency groups and representatives, including, but not limited to, representation from the following additional Units:
        1. Athletic Department
        2. Government Relations
        3. Industry Engagement and Applied Learning
        4. Wichita State University Alumni Association