1.10 / Shared Governance

  1. Purpose

    To provide the structure to promote collaboration among faculty, staff, and administration as well as accountability to meet the mission and the vision of the University.

  2. Policy

    The variety and complexity of the tasks performed by institutions of higher education produce an inescapable interdependence among governing board, administration, faculty and staff. The relationship calls for adequate communication among these components and full opportunity for appropriate joint planning and effort. The University supports and recognizes the work and time commitment of the members of the committees, councils, and senates that make up the shared governance structure.

    1. Staff must confer with their immediate supervisor regarding the capacity for the unit to absorb the loss of the staff member's time necessary to serve on the committee, council or senate. Workload, staff member performance, attendance and/or dependability and unit budget are examples of, but not an exhaustive list of, reasons that may prevent a manager from approving a staff member to participate in committees, councils and senates. Management should mitigate these to the greatest extent possible.

    2. Faculty and staff shall be afforded the necessary time during their regularly scheduled hours to complete duties attributed to their service on committees, councils and senates.

    3. Because of the significant level of effort required of faculty senate president and president elect, the work assignment of the individuals shall be adjusted during their service to the University. For the president of the faculty senate, this adjustment shall be equivalent to a three (3) credit hour course in each of the summer, fall and spring semesters for the service year. Additional compensation can be negotiated in lieu of course release. For the president elect of the faculty senate, this shall be the equivalent of a three (3) hour credit course in the spring semester of the service year. All such efforts must be in-load and supported by the University.