2.11 / Deactivation of Courses

  1. Purpose

    This policy is established to insure students have accurate catalog information about the opportunities to study at Wichita State University. The policy establishes procedures for identifying courses to be stricken from the catalog (called deactivation), procedures for offering courses in the deactivated category, procedures for activating courses deactivated and having such courses included in the catalog (called reactivated), and procedures for identifying courses among those courses deactivated for possible deletion.

  2. Policy

    1. Identifying Courses to be Deactivated

      1. Courses not offered within the most recent five-year period are candidates for deactivation.
      2. Each spring the Provost will request the Registrar to compile a list of courses not offered during the most recent five-year period. This is the list of courses which are "Candidates for Deactivation."
      3. The list of "candidate courses" will be distributed to deans, along with a request to share this information with relevant chairpersons, for review and consideration.
      4. Unless the chairperson and dean request a course or set of courses be retained or deleted through the regular curriculum committee procedures, the "candidate courses" provided by the Registrar will be deactivated. Deactivation means they will not be advertised in the catalog. Deactivated courses may be offered (see below), reinstated (see below), and "blue-carded."
      5. A list of deactivated courses, including course descriptions, will be distributed to relevant deans for distribution to appropriate curriculum committees and chairpersons.
    2. Procedures for Offering a Deactivated Course

      Courses which have been deactivated may be included in a schedule of courses by following the procedures outlined below.

      1. The chairperson should list the deactivated course(s) on the proposed course schedule as he/she would a regular course.
      2. The chairperson should submit a Wichita State University Curriculum Change Form through the dean, to the Registrar requesting that the deactivated course(s) be offered with the proposed course schedule. You need only to complete item #9 at the top of this form and item I, A, 1-3 indicating "Offering Deactivated Course." Attach this to the proposed course schedule. The Schedule of Courses will include a course description for any deactivated course that is offered.
      3. Submit a copy of the Curriculum Change Form to the Office of Academic Affairs. This is for information purposes only.
    3. Procedures for Including a Deactivated Course in the Next Catalog Printing

      The procedures for having a deactivated course made active and advertised in the undergraduate and graduate catalogs (i.e., reactivation) are also relatively straightforward. However, reactivation should only be undertaken when a department expects to regularly offer a course that is currently deactivated:

      1. The chairperson should submit a Wichita State University Curriculum Change Form through the dean, to the Office of Academic Affairs. Complete item #9, indicating other action, Inclusion in Catalog, and Section I.A., showing the department and course number, course title, credit hours, course description, prerequisites, and the appropriate 11-digit identification number. Under Section VI briefly outline the manner in which the department will regularly offer the course(s).
      2. If the course is being offered immediately, also attach a copy of the Curriculum Change Form to the proposed schedule.
      3. The Provost will forward the request to both University Communications (for inclusion in the relevant catalogs) and to the Registrar's Office (to take the course(s) out of the deactivated file.)
    4. Deletion of Deactivated Courses

      A deactivated course may be deleted if it is not periodically offered.

      1. Each spring the Provost will request from the Registrar a list of courses that have been on deactivation status for five years.
      2. Unless requested otherwise by both the chairperson and dean, courses on this list will be deleted through the regular curriculum committee procedure.
    5. Information About Deactivated Courses

      A list of deactivated courses will be made available to students and faculty.

      1. The Provost will request the Registrar to provide a list of deactivated courses each fall semester. This list will be distributed to relevant deans, for distribution to relevant chairpersons, departments and curriculum committees.
      2. Whenever a deactivated course is offered, a course description will be included in that semester's Schedule of Courses.