2.11 / Inactivation of Courses

  1. Initiating Authority

    1. The Office of the Registrar serves as the initiating authority for this policy.
  2. Purpose

    1. This policy governs inactivating courses, re-activating inactive courses, and publication of such courses in the University course catalogs.
  3. Policy

    1. The undergraduate and graduate catalogs are reviewed and updated each academic year by the Office of the Registrar in collaboration with the Graduate School and all academic units. To ensure accurate catalog information regarding course offerings and degree requirements, the following steps will be taken each year in conjunction with the catalog review:
      1. The Registrar will generate a list of courses that have not been offered within the last five years ("Candidates for Inactivation").
      2. The Registrar will generate a list of courses that have been in "Inactive" status for more than five years.
      3. The Registrar will provide a list of Candidates for Inactivation to academic deans and department chairs for review. The Registrar will request that the academic deans and department chairs identify whether any Candidate for Inactivation should remain "Active" on the Banner Course File.
      4. For all Candidates for Inactivation that are not requested to be retained in "Active" status, the Registrar will change the course status to "Inactive" on the Banner course file and remove the course from the catalog.
    2. Reactivation of Inactive Courses

      1. An inactive course may be reactivated at any time at the request of the department chair or academic dean.
      2. Requestors are required to utilize the processes published in the Curriculum Change Guidelines in requesting to reactivate an inactive course.
  4. Applicable Laws And Additional Resources

    1. Curriculum Change Guidelines
  5. Revision Dates

    1. August 22, 2023