3.08 / Public Employee Organizations, Associations, and Unions

  1. Policy

    State law, the Public Employer-Employee Relations Act, requires that the University remain completely neutral in dealings with employee organizations seeking recognition. The University cannot encourage or discourage membership in any employee organization. It is a prohibited practice for a public employer to dominate, interfere, or assist in the formation, existence, or administration of any employee organization. To comply with the law, the University has established the following procedures to guide organizing activities on the campus:

    1. Representatives of public employee organizations, associations, unions, or similar groups seeking to make contacts with University employees should first contact the Director of Employee Relations, Human Resources Center.

    2. Contacts by such representatives with University employees will be permitted on campus in "nonworking" locations and during "nonduty" time.
      1. "Nonworking" locations are considered to be rooms and facilities in the Rhatigan Student Center which are available for lease by the public at large for meetings.

      2. "Nonduty" time is considered to be the employee's free time, before and after the employee's regular work schedule and during the employee's lunch period.

    3. Meetings of public organizations held in Rhatigan Student Center rooms are posted officially by the RSC as the daily schedule of events occur.
      1. Postings on bulletin boards by all off-campus organizations are subject to prior clearance by WSU representatives.

      2. Postings on bulletin boards by on-campus organizations and personnel are subject to clearance by the department or organization controlling the specific bulletin board. Such bulletin boards cannot be used by on-campus organizations seeking recognition.

    4. Employee information (i.e., names, addresses, etc.) will not be provided to public employee organizations, associations, unions, or similar groups.
      1. On-campus organizations and groups acting as advisory bodies to the University administration may be provided information and assistance.

      2. On-campus recognized advisory organizations perceived by the administration to participate in unauthorized advocacy activities relating to working conditions may be denied further assistance since such activities would be construed to be related to the Public Employer-Employee Relations Act.

    5. An interoffice mail service is provided for official communication between University offices and employees. (Note: Also see the Internal Mail Distribution System Policy at Section 20.13 of this manual.)

      1. It may not be utilized by any organization or group which seeks to represent employees in bargaining or negotiating with Wichita State University.

      2. A U.S. post office is available on campus for the convenience of those who wish to communicate with employees at their residences.