3.12 / Security and Confidentiality of Student Records and Files

  1. Purpose

    To state University policy relative to University employees and the security and confidentiality of student records and files.

  2. Preamble

    The security and confidentiality of University records should be a matter of concern to all WSU employees. Many employees (including student employees) are placed in a unique position of trust and obligation with reference to having access to student records and files and the security and confidentiality of said records and files pursuant to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). The purpose of this policy statement is to clarify employees' responsibilities in fulfilling that obligation. Since conduct, either on or off the job, could affect or threaten the security and confidentiality of student records and files, each employee with access to student records and files is expected to adhere to the following policy statement.

  3. Policy

    1. Security and confidentiality of student records and files and control of access to the Wichita State University Student Information System shall be the responsibility of the Provost or designee.
    2. Employees are expected to maintain a clear understanding of the type of information which can be released without the student's consent, as defined by the Office of the Registrar on its homepage (go to Office of the Registrar and then click the Notification of FERPA Rights link. The Office of the Registrar provides an online FERPA tutorial for employees.1 All employees are expected to be knowledgeable of FERPA as evidenced by successful completion of the online tutorial. New employees are required to complete the tutorial within 30 days of beginning employment.
    3. No employee may make unauthorized use of any student information in files maintained, stored, processed or accessed by any University office.
    4. Employees may not seek personal benefit or allow others to benefit personally by knowledge of any student record which has come to them by virtue of their work assignment.
    5. Employees may not exhibit or divulge the contents of any record or report to any person except in the conduct of their work assignment and in accordance with office guidelines and University policies and procedures.
    6. No employee may knowingly include or cause to be included in any student record a false, inaccurate or misleading entry. No employee may knowingly alter or expunge from any student record, or cause to be altered or expunged, a true and proper entry.
    7. No student record, or copy thereof, may be removed from the office where it is maintained, except in the performance of an employee's official duties.
    8. No employee is to aid, abet or act with another to violate any part of this policy.
    9. Any knowledge of a violation of this policy by any individual must immediately be reported to that person's supervisor.
    10. Violation of the requirements of this policy may lead to reprimand, suspension or dismissal from the job, or other penalties consistent with general personnel policies. Violation by employees can lead to action under the applicable University policies or State of Kansas statutes pertaining to theft, alteration of records, or other applicable section.

    1 After logging into myWSU and going to the Faculty/Staff tab, “FERPA Online Training” can be found in the Employee Required Training channel on the lower left column.

  4. Implementation

    The policy statement will be included in the WSU Policies and Procedures Manual. Additionally, all employees with access to student records and files shall be provided with a copy of this policy.

(See also Parental Notification at Section 8.19 of this manual.)