3.49 / Employee Training and Professional Development

  1. Purpose

    It is important to provide a continuous learning environment for employees to maintain and advance their skills, knowledge, and competencies as well as grow as professionals and contribute effectively to the University's Strategic Plan. All members of the University community are encouraged to pursue opportunities for training and professional development provided by the institution's own resources.

  2. Overview

    1. The University offers a wide variety of training courses and professional development programs. There is a continuous effort to identify, create, and provide new opportunities for training and professional development.

    2. The University has a Professional Development Committee chaired by Human Resources with members from areas that provide professional development courses and representatives from the Senates.

    3. Employees are encouraged to utilize training and professional development opportunities to achieve and maintain a high level of performance. Managers are encouraged to approve employee requests to participate in training and development programs offered by the University whenever possible while maintaining an effective workplace.

    4. The University may require employees to attend training programs or to complete online training modules.

  3. Procedure

    1. myTraining is the University's centralized learning management system for employee training.

    2. Employees register for live training sessions and access/complete online training modules in myTraining.

    3. Employee training transcripts are stored electronically in the myTraining system. Hard copies may also be placed in the official employee file.

  4. Employee Assistance

    All active, benefits eligible employees may utilize the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provided as a part of the State Employee Health Plan. As part of the service agreement a variety of training resources are available. More information regarding the EAP can be found from the State of Kansas' EAP page or in Section 3.13 Benefits Applicable to Eligible University Employees.

  5. Tuition Assistance

    Information on tuition assistance can be found in Section 3.42 Tuition Assistance Program for Employees.