4.07 / Consultant Services to Other State Agencies

  1. Policy

    It is the responsibility of the University, which employs a faculty member on a regular basis, to authorize in advance of actual service a faculty member to serve as a consultant to another state agency. If a WSU faculty member is contacted by another state agency to serve as a consultant and if the faculty member is to be reimbursed for these services, the following steps should be followed.

    1. The WSU faculty member through the departmental chairperson must submit a memo to the Provost giving the name of the faculty member, dates of employment, reason for employment, and the rate of compensation.

    2. When the matter has been approved by the Provost, the Vice President for Finance and Administration will notify the counterpart at the state agency requesting the services of the WSU faculty member so the requesting state agency can initiate the appropriate paper work to pay the WSU faculty member.

    3. Faculty members serving as a consultant for another state agency, whether approved for reimbursement for consultant services or not, are still expected to perform all duties and responsibilities of their position with the University. If serving as a consultant reduces the faculty member to less than 1.0 full time equivalent (FTE) the faculty member may find their University compensation to be adjusted, accordingly.