4.19 / Tenure Policy

  1. Policy

    The Kansas Board of Regents has adopted the following policy regarding tenure and academic freedom of faculty at Regents institutions.

    1. After the expiration of the probationary period established in the letter of appointment, a tenure track faculty must be considered for tenure. Once tenure is granted, their services should be terminated only for adequate cause, except in the case of program or unit discontinuance or under extraordinary circumstances because of financial exigency.

    2. In the interpretation of the principles contained in Section A of this policy, the following is applicable:

      1. The precise terms and conditions of every appointment should be stated in writing and be in the possession of both institution and faculty member before the appointment is executed.

      2. Beginning with appointment to the rank of assistant professor or a higher rank, the probationary period should not exceed seven years, including within this period full-time service in all institutions of higher education; but subject to the proviso that when, after a term of probationary service of more than three years in one or more institutions, an assistant professor is called to another institution it may be agreed in writing that the new appointment is for a probationary period of not more than four years, even though thereby the person's total probationary period in the academic profession is extended beyond the normal maximum of seven years; except when the interests of both parties may best be served by mutual agreement at the time of initial employment, institutions may agree to allow for more than four years of probationary service at the employing institution provided the probationary period at that institution does not exceed seven years. Notices should be given at least one year prior to the expiration of the probationary period if the assistant professor is not to be continued in service after the expiration of that period.

      3. If an untenured faculty member becomes a parent through birth, adoptive placement, or adoption of a child under the age of 5 prior to May 1st of the fifth year of the probationary period, that faculty member, upon notification to Provost, shall be granted a one-year delay of the tenure review. Notification must occur within 90 days of the birth, adoptive placement or adoption. Faculty members retain the right to opt out of this interruption policy.

      4. Under unexpected special and extenuating circumstances, prior to the sixth year of service, and at the request of the faculty member and the appropriate dean, the Provost of the University may grant an extension of the tenure clock for a maximum of one year.

      5. No more than two extensions of the tenure clock may be granted to a faculty member for any reason. Nothing in this provision shall be construed to guarantee reappointment of an untenured faculty member.

      6. Tenure is a privilege that must be affirmatively granted by the institution in recognition of meritorious performance. Tenure is not a privilege that can be achieved simply through continuous service at the institution, regardless of a faculty member's length of service. Absent an affirmative action by a state university to award tenure, a faculty member shall not qualify for tenure solely by the virtue of completing the probationary period.

    3. Within this general policy, each Regents institution may make such operating regulations as it deems necessary, subject to the approval of the board.

    4. Any tenure approved by the institution shall be limited to tenure for the recommended individual at the institution consistent with the tenure policies of that institution.

    5. In exceptional cases, the chief executive officer at a Regents institution may hire a faculty member with tenure without their having completed a probationary period.

    6. Decisions of the chief executive officer shall be final and are not subject to further administrative review by any officer or committee of the institution or by the Board of Regents.

Kansas Board of Regents Policy Manual, Chapter II, Section C, Item 2 (b) (vii)