4.23 / Tenure and Promotion - Outline of Process of Review

  1. Policy

    1. Any faculty member may nominate himself or herself for review for tenure or promotion. Nominations may also be made by the chairperson. For faculty members with probationary appointments, review for tenure must occur during or before the year prior to the last year of the probationary period. No review for tenure will occur during the last year of a faculty member's probationary period.

    2. The process of review for tenure and promotion involves these steps:

      1. Nomination for review.

      2. Departmental review of nominees by the departmental committee and by the chair.

      3. In favorable or appealed cases, college/school/University Libraries review of department nominations by the college/school/University Libraries tenure and promotion committee, and by the college/school/University Libraries dean.

      4. In favorable or appealed cases, University review of college/school/University Libraries nominations by the Tenure and Promotion Committee and by the Provost.

      5. In favorable or appealed cases, review of recommendations by the University President for final decision.

    3. Procedures have been established for appeal in the case of an adverse tenure or promotion recommendation at the department and at the college level.